Things to ask your Photographer


One of the most essential suppliers in a wedding event is the Photographer. In the age of digital media where it’s so easy to just take photos with your cam and post it online within seconds, some people feel like getting a pro won’t be that important anymore. But hey, photos would definitely last more than the imported flowers and a huge cake that cost thousands on your wedding day. Besides, they’ll be the only memories you’ll have of your wedding day that you won’t get tired of looking.

  • name
  • date of event
  • time of event
  • tentative location
  • contact information (email, mobile #, viber # etc)
  • tell where you found out about them (optional, but this is good especially if you’re going to haggle for possible discounts later on due to referrals)

During initial inquiry ask your Photographer about…

  • Wedding photography rates
  • inclusions of the package
    • with full documentation?
    • with Onsite Photo slideshow?
    • with canvass print?
    • with photo prints?
    • with wedding album?
    • with parents mini album?
    • with free USB or hard drive for the storage of the photos?
    • with prenup package?
    • with prenup album?
    • with all the raw files?
    • number of Photographers on the wedding day (should be at least 3)
  • how many weddings they do per day?
  • are you team A or team B?
  • contract details
    • package upgrade
    • package downgrade
    • cancellation
    • refunds
    • non-refundable deposits
    • penalties for wedding album layout and printing, etc.
  • total number of crew/staff for the wedding and prenup (if there is any)
  • total number of working hours for your prenup and/or wedding
  • type of photography style
  • type of gadgets to be used during the shoot
  • sample engagement/prenup and wedding albums
  • prenup location recommendations (if you’re getting them for your prenup)
  • Music license fee for the Photo Slideshow (if they will be using free music or included in the package or you will be the one to pay)
  • crew meal preference (packed food or allowance)
  • discount, promo, bridal fair schedules etc that you can avail
  • payment terms (full payment or cash)
  • preferred payment type (cash, remittance or through bank deposit)
  • total number of meetings (personal meetup or skype)
  • Prenup location and mood board consultation (if there is any)
  • OOT Fees
  • Accommodation (if needed especially out of town)
  • Transport fees for OOT venues (some ask this separately)
  • types of prenup and/or wedding albums and their rates (if not included in the package or for additional printing order)
  • expected timeline for the deliverables (how many weeks after the prenup and/or wedding will the edited photos and raw files will be delivered?)
  • total number of allowed revisions (in excess, will there be an additional fee?)
  • other supplier recommendations like Stylist, Video team, HMUA, coordinator etc


  1. You may check this 2015-2017 Wedding Photography and Videography Rates
  2. When you shortlist your potential Photographer, be sure to check at least 5 albums of past Prenup/Engagement and/or Weddings that they did within the span of 2-3 months so you’ll know their current standing.
  3. This is only applicable to Photography teams that have different teams or a lot of members like Nice Print for example. Although not a must, make sure that the main Photographer or their best Photographer will be present on the day of your wedding. How would you know you have been given the “best” one that they’ve got? Research and read real feedback from past clients.
  4. Be sure to check your contract to know if your Photographer issues penalties for layout of wedding albums. For example, Nice Print states in their contract that 1 year after the wedding and the couple has not finalized their picks for the photos to be used in the wedding album, they will pay Php 10,000 if they want Nice Print to continue with the wedding album layout and printing.

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