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Video Prenup Videographer: VIDLENS PRODUCTIONS
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Package inclusions: Comes with our Heartfelt wedding package


It was Garry who found Vidlens among the long list of upcoming Wedding Videographers in the Philippines and we booked them for our wedding long before we joined the Weddings at Work community so it’s really nice to see how the team has gone so far. (Congrats on being Top 10!) Since we were an overseas couple, we were only able to communicate with Brian Carambas, the owner of Vidlens Productions through skype video calls and FB. We instantly hit it off especially sila ni fiance since he’s also into video editing. My fiance conceptualized the idea of the prenup video shoot and with the help of Brian, literal na inupuan nila through skype video call for 4 hours yung details ng shoot. Sila na ang super OC!

Vidlens even told us how to project in front of the camera to get the shot that they want for the video

On the day of the shoot Vidlens came at 8.30 AM even if our call time is at 10 AM. I even joked the reason why they’re that early is because they’re too excited to have brewed coffee (another story between us and Brian). Immediately after they arrived, we all noticed that they were starting to do ocular for the venue since it’s also their first time (all of us actually) and they were starting to take viable shots that can be added to the video itself. While we were having our make overs, the team was tediously checking the area and already matching the shots for the story line of our video.

Vidlens in action!

When we started shooting, we were both amazed at how smooth the team directed us. Napakakulit nila at ang kalog! Really funny. They won’t make you feel intimidated because they’re pros but instead they would make you feel like they were your long-lost-brothers-from-another-mother! That’s how comfortable we were while working with them. They even established a good connection with my cousin, Ethel, who was our personal assistant all throughout our prenup sessions (from Benjie’s). Napakagaan! You’d also feel that they’re doing what they’re doing not only because it’s their job but because they really love what they do. Mararamdaman mo yung passion kasi they still try to take shots pa din kahit maulan at that time! Authentic yung ulan sa video and that was actually unexpected kasi wala yun sa storyline but looking at the output it was more of a blessing in disguise kasi it gave a much dramatic feel!

So when we were looking back at our prenup video shoot experience and the output itself, we just can’t help but smile and say our thanks that Vidlens made our dream prenup video shoot possible! Kuhang-kuha yung naiimagine namin dati. Natawa pa nga kami kasi pang Guinness World Records daw sa dami ng files na nakuha nila from our shoot and I remembered them checking out their bags for more SD cards na baka nakasiksik somewhere since napuno na yung dala nila. Moreover, we got our teaser less than 48 hours and our finished Save the Date video after 72 hours..ganun siya ka OC sa schedule! I joked around by saying na hindi naman siya excited to edit our video diba! But he explained that since it’s peak season (we shot the video end of November), he needs to do it on time or else baka sila matambakan which is true on their part.

Us with Brian Carambas, owner of Vidlens at the top of the St. Martin de Tours Basilica in Taal

What we also like about Brian is he knows how to listen to what his client wants. We remember during the skype video call when we’re planning the storyline of the video shoot, he keenly listens to our explanation especially with how we envision it to be. Then when we saw the final Save the Date Video, he really did use the music that Garry requested, a mainstream type of song that’s not normally used for Save the Date/Prenup videos. He even admitted that he was very reluctant about the idea because it’s new to him and we understand that. But again, he still listened and the video was a hit!

Now, we can’t wait for them to showcase their talent again at our wedding.

** As of this writing, our wedding is already done so we’ll be doing our Wedding Supplier Review next. **


None that I can think of.

VIDLENS by Brian Carambas
FB: Vidlens Productions


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