Prenup Supplier Review: Ish Sison HMUA

Video Prenup HMUA: ISH SISON 
Supplier Rating: 4.5
Package inclusions: Airbrush and unlimited look for the couple
OOT Fee: Php 5000 (for Batangas area)

Our 2nd layout by Ish Sison


Ish was on top of my shortlisted choices for our HMUA since I’ve seen her works on FB and I really adored how perfectly neat the eyebrows of her clients were! I heard it before that you can know how great your HMUA is if they’re really good with eyebrows..since eyebrows are life!

Once she got settled exactly after 30 mins of her arrival, we immediately did the hair & make up. Ish was doing the make up solely, with one female assistant, one hair stylist (Alan) and her driver. We weren’t also able to show Ish our chosen pegs prior the day of the shoot because we’ve been quite busy but when she saw the pair of clothes, shoes and accessories that we neatly hanged and explained (with Brian, who we joked is our other stylist) the concept of the shoot, instantly we felt like she already knew what she needs to do. She did my makeup gracefully and very carefully (and hygienically which I admired the most) as if she was painting a blank canvass. Her hair stylist, Alan, did my hair and I like how they listen to you if you feel like you need anything. Ish’s team was very polite and through our chitchat I found out she used to work as a stylist that’s why when we showed our things and explained the rundown of the concept, automatic yung response niya. For the duration of our make up session, Ish was really in control which I find really professional!

I was also checking if they’re paying attention to my fiance, since he wasn’t that keen on having a make over because he prefers to look more natural (guy thing I guess), but Ish still managed to put foundation on his face to cover the visible blemishes but only for the 2nd and 3rd layout.

Overall, we had 3 layouts (we prepared max 4 layouts just in case) or hair-and-make up changes which obviously means extended na hours namin because we finished the shoot at roughly 7 PM na! Since she has a wedding the next day, after giving me my last hair & make up transformation, she left at around 6 PM without even asking me to pay her for the extra hours. Although we already agreed that if would be any extension we’re willing to pay. So we were surprised at this but she said it was okay na because of the nice experience she had with our prenup shoot. It was really nice of her!

Close up look for our 2nd layout
Our 3rd layout. Ish helping me fix my gown that I borrowed from my bridal couture, Mel Orlina
Our 3rd layout trying to exude our theme – Spanish Vintage Glam. All of our clothes are DIY!

Also I have to emphasize that we’ve never met her personally before and we never had any prior trial make up. That’s how confident I am with the suppliers that we got for our prenup.


  • Our call time was at 8 AM but she arrived for more than 30 minutes due to some unforeseen events. She said Waze couldn’t locate the area properly and it was also raining at that time.
  • During the first layout, they weren’t able to put foundation on Garry. Buti na lang naayos nila hair niya at hindi oily sa output ng video. Also, napansin ko na once lang niya kami sinamahan to check on us during the shoot, like to fix my hair or if oily na yung face or to retouch the lipstick. For 3 layouts, sa 1st layout lang siya andun na naka stand by. For the rest, after redoing the changes hinayaan na niya kami. Also during our 2nd layout where napaakyat kami ng bell tower na masyado mahangin, wala na ako hair retouch at medyo nagulo na hair ko. We felt weird lang to be honest since we can’t help but compare her work with the other HMUA that did our other prenup shoot.

Ish Sison
FB: Ish Sison Make Up Artistry


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