Wedding Supplier Review: DON ROBERT’S Bridal Car

All this time Garry has this idea of how he wants his bride to come to the church and he already pictured it with a white vintage car. Below is our supplier review for our bridal car supplier — DON ROBERT’S BRIDAL CAR

  • Supplier Rating: 3.5/5
  • Mode of Communication: Email
  • Contact Person: Mr. Robert Bautista
Our 1952 Mercedez Benz Bridal Car

Getting a bridal car is actually not on my priority list since when we booked our caterer, we already have a bridal car as one of our freebies. Budget-wise mas ok na yun and besides for me kasi iisa lang tingin ko sa kanila. But, Garry on the other hand has other thoughts. It was only a few months when we were doing our planning when he kept on suggesting about getting a bridal car kasi yun pala he has this visual image of me on this white vintage bridal car and when he saw this Studebaker model from a website that he was searching on, he knew we need to get it for our wedding! And so the search has begun.

It was actually easy to find this vintage car (Studebaker model) since the one that we booked, Don Robert’s Bridal Car was known in the wedding industry. The company’s website states that they’ve been featured in countless weddings, TV ads etc and when we inquired about the rates, they gave us a long list of models to check but Garry was definite on getting his 1932 Studebaker.  So when we found out that the car is still available for our date we immediately booked it and paid the deposit last February 2016. Naalala ko sabi ni Garry na kahit out of the budget yung bridal car, we will get it and gagawa siya ng paraan just like with our other suppliers. From that statement I know na he really wants the car.

While in front of the Church

And then came our wedding day. Really, this was rather unexpected. Only a few hours before our wedding my bridal assistant, Varna, came to me and showed me photos of different bridal cars. Tatlo yung naaalala ko na dapat ko daw pagpilian kasi yung Studebaker bigla daw nasira on the way to the Church and ito lang yung cars with the same rate. It was almost 12 Noon at that time and I was about to change into my gown when she told me about this dilemma. Of course the first thing I thought of would be Garry’s reaction since he was the one who was persistent with it so I just told Varna to let Garry decide. So when I was about to go to the church, I didn’t find a Studebaker but saw a cute white vintage 1952 Mercedez Benz in front of the hotel’s entrance. Ibang bridal car ang dumating in replacement of the 1932 Studebaker that we paid for! At first I felt like hindi kami kakasya ng parents ko since my gown’s train was long but thankfully medyo nagkasya naman and okay din yung takbo nung car. Though as per my dad medyo nahirapan siya pumasok sa car kasi he’s 5’11 large built but yung car seems like it will only suit those who have petite frames. With my long train and ball gown designed ceremonial gown, literal na nasiksik talaga ako sa car. Also medyo mainit din yung AC but hindi ko na din masyado napansin since I’m feeling nervous na at that time.

With our suppliers

With our package, free na yung flower decor though hindi ko masyado na appreciate since daisies and carnations lang yung ginamit na flowers. I was actually expecting for them to add roses since the car’s rental fee is expensive din for 3 hours of use. And then there’s this extra hour or two na needed budget for the bridal car since as per our coordinator, weddings need at least 4 hours from hotel to church to post-nup pictorial to venue. This was unforeseen since we initially thought the 3 hours rental would already suffice. But since we failed to secure the slot of our post nup location, and in order to save money na din we decided to use the rest of the time left with the car for our post nup pictorial. Dito na kami ng postnup! So ending, the bridal car was fully exposed na din on our wedding even though it wasn’t what we paid for!

Our postnup pic by Myio Okamoto
Going to the reception venue


  • They have a long list of bridal cars – both modern and vintage, to choose from and the rates are affordable. The package comes with simple free bridal car flowers.
  • The owner, Mr. Robert is prompt in replying to our inquiries so the transaction was very smooth and fast.
  • The driver was really nice and friendly. He was a bit talkative but not in an annoying way, probably to help calm my nerves when we were traveling from the hotel to the church. Yun lang I forgot his name.


  • We thought the 3 hours booking time is okay na but as per our OTD Coordinator’s reminder nag set kami ng extra budget for the extra hour. Talk about unforeseen miscellaneous expenses!
  • The car that we booked didn’t arrive on our wedding but rather was replaced with a different one due to some “technical” issues as per the owner. Even if it was a bit disappointing, we just looked on the bright side na kung totoo talaga yung nangyari at least we were saved from some sort of accident that could’ve happened during our wedding because of “technical failures”.


  1. Double check a day before the wedding about your Bridal Car’s status if okay or not so you won’t be surprised na iba na pala ang dadating on your wedding.
  2. Have a budget for an extra hour for the car’s rental since usually, weddings need at least 4 hours from hotel to church to post-nup pictorial to the venue. If with traffic, 2 hours extra hour would suffice.

Don Robert’s Bridal Car
Robert Bautista


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  1. Same here! I booked for the 1957 Cadillac but on my wedding day, they sent me the 1932 Studebaker. Mabait ka nga e because you didn’t get mad. Ako? nagalit talaga ako imagine 3 hours before the wedding they will tell me na iba ang ipapadala nilang car? I booked for the cadillac because it suits my theme di ba? Although the Studebaker is okay, pero the aircon is not functioning well, and it’s too small inside, sis! di nagkasya ang gown ko. Mabuti nalang din Benz napunta sayo. So napabuti pa na di ka natuloy sa Studebaker. You’re so kind to give them 5/5 because ako I will give them a zero! Hahahaha!

    1. Hi sis. So hindi pala talaga kami nag iisa. Sorry to hear about that. Yung sa amin kasi Studebaker talaga gusto ni hubby since he likes the design. Naku after the stress that our hotel gave me the night before, hindi na ako nag react sa car. Sabi ko nga bahala na si hubby dun. Wedding day ko yun at talagang hindi ako nag react sa mga nakikita ko. Let it go ako that day pero after the wedding, dun na namin inisa-isa mga napansin namin. Kaka stress kasi if on the day mismo mag beastmode ako haha No sis hindi 5/5 perfect score binigay namin, 3.5/5 lang as per hubby kasi nainis nga siya dahil hindi yun expected niya.

  2. To add to my previous comment, Robert Bautista is not okay kausap kapag nirelay mo na ang pagkakamali nila. He told me na dapat daw di ko tinanggap yung pinadala nilang car in a very rude way! I told him na malamang no choice ako kaya ko tinanggap and hello 3-4 hours before the wedding when you told me that di ba? Pano naman ako pupunta sa church nun. Sa inis ko, di ako nagpictorial with the car!

    1. Aww sorry to hear that. Sa amin naman we informed him pero he never replied back sa email. We disregarded it na lang since done na wedding. One of those things that happened during the wedding na may pang gulat effect! Haha But napaka rude naman ng reply niya since no choice ka naman talaga. On-the-spot yung problem and nawalan ka talaga ng choice! Buti hindi ka humingi ng refund? We even paid extra hours for the car at buti nasulit na lang namin sa post nup. Pero hindi pa din satisfied si hubby until now.

      1. Yes, sis! madami pang ibang brides ang same experience satin.Lahat ng suppliers ko very good! Except kay Don Robert’s. I emailed him about what happened and I even asked for a refund and his reply was, “If you wish to have refunded, you could’ve easily cancelled, not use the car we sent and demanded a full refund on the day.” Oh di ba? I find it rude na ganyan siya sasagot sa client nya to think na sila naman nagkamali. He said na it’s in the contract naman na pag nasira they will inform us and give another car. Pero naman sis, on the day ng wedding kasi talaga e, which left us with no choice di ba? And I believe, as a service provider, that’s the best they can do, to provide a car. Wala naman tayong plan B for our car because we thought na they won’t let us down. However, si Don Robert’s pa ang naka stress sakin on the day of the wedding. Your wedding is December din, mine is December 27 and Studebaker was okay. Dapat ahead of time chinicheck nila yung car. I have pegs pa naman for my cadillac pictorial pero nakakabadtrip lang kasi hindi yun yung dumating. Frustrating talaga. Plus, the price of the car is a no joke. Mahal din di ba? For a 3 hour service. Yes, buti nalang di 5/5 ang binigay mo. I didn’t pay the additional hours. Why would I? E unang una hindi naman yun yung car na binook ko. Until now galit pa din ako no? hehehehehe tama ka din tapos naman na mastress pa ba tayo? Pero yun nga nabasa ko kasi tong supplier review mo. Di ko talaga expected na A car company known like them will render a bad service like what we experienced. 😦

      2. Hay naku sis TRUE KA DYAN! I was only about to give him 4/5 pero hubby insisted na 3 or 2 over 5 pa nga kasi kahit may car daw kami it’s not what we paid for. So we settled sa 3.5/5 rate namin. And besides, nagulat talaga tayo kasi we only have a few hours left for the wedding thne ganun pa mangyayari. Napapa hay ako uli since we really didn’t expect to pay for the extra hour but buti our coord told us to prepare for an extra hour kasi if not we won’t have a car to drive us from our post nup pictorial towards our reception venue! But yes 9K is no joke plus the flowers pa! I was expecting for it to be roses or something better, but daisies?! Anyway buti na lang our photo team were really good at so far na appreciate naman namin yung photos with the car, but still hubby is disappointed.

        Have you done a supplier review for them on your blog? If wala pa make one so at least people who are searching for cars would know what to expect. But anyway thank you for this comment, hindi pala kami nag iisa!

        I saw your wedding photos and vids, congratulations again ang ganda ng wedding mo! 😊

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