Wedding Supplier Review: HONEY GLAZE CAKES

Garry and I both love cakes. It’s our comfort food. So it’s a non-negotiable for us to treat ourselves to have a beautiful cake for our wedding. Good thing that my best friend was their former bride aside from their numerous celebrity clients so the trust was already there right from the start. Here’s our supplier review for our wedding cake supplier — HONEY GLAZE CAKES

  • Supplier Rating: 5/5
  • Mode of Communication: Email, Viber
  • Contact Person: Chef Aileen (owner), Ms Michelle
Our Spanish Vintage Glam themed wedding cake. Photo by Myio Okamoto.

From our Wedding detailing review HERE, Garry and I were really excited to see the final outcome of what Chef Aileen of Honey Glaze Cakes would do with our wedding cake.  They did my best friend’s wedding cake last 2012 when they were still starting so andun na agad yung tiwala na they won’t fail. The company has been quite famous lately being one of the top Wedding Cake makers in the country, whose clients were mostly celebrities. So our expectations were really high and during our wedding, Honey Glaze Cakes didn’t fail us.

So just a review of what we ordered from our Wedding detailing post, we got a 6 layers non-edible Belgian Chocolate flavored wedding cake with 24 pcs Belgian Chocolate cupcakes. Non-negotiable ang pagiging non-edible ng cake (made out of styro sa loob and sugar coating ingredients sa labas) since if edible siya there would be a big chance for the cake to wither even with the AC or coolers since it would be put in front for hours (~7 hours in our experience) surrounded by a lot of lights which emits heat, smoke machine, food handlers etc and for hygienic purposes na din. Also, our wedding theme is Spanish Vintage Glam whereas when we discussed our cake pegs to Chef Aileen through email and during our final detailing, she came out with an interesting idea to incorporate all of our wedding color motif with some of our Event Stylist’s possible decors — Spanish fans into the cake. Personally, I felt quite challenged because I told them that I don’t want the whole cake design to be focused on one decor but Garry told me that he somehow tried to imagine how the cake would look like and assured me that it would look good. Sabi niya, magtiwala kami kay Chef. And that’s what I did..that’s what we did.

GA Final Cake Peg-page-002
Our cake peg that Garry did using Photoshop

My then-fiance’s gut was right. Come wedding day, our wedding cake stood tall like a majestic piece of glammed ornament that is definitely eye-catching! It was placed right at the front where all of the guests will have a great look at its beauty.

Our 6 layers wedding cake placed in front beside the couple’s backdrop. Photo by Myio Okamoto
Close-up details of our wedding cake. As per Chef Aileen, everything is made of sugar.

As per our wedding coordinator, Imbitado Events, they informed us that the cake arrived on time around past 4 PM and the staff immediately arranged the area where it will be placed. Our Event Stylists then added some flowers to add more glamour as part of the reception styling package. And just as how we discussed it during our detailing, the three huge edible cakes were brought in plain boxes which was then placed on the Dessert table area where all the guests will have an easy access with and our 24 free cupcakes were also delivered as part of our freebies.

Belgian Chocolate edible cakes served to all our guests during the wedding

But of course, here comes the food tasting part. Like what I said from my previous post, I’m a cake aficionado. My work also entails me to taste different kinds of cake (I’m not a Chef) if they’re ok or not so I really know what an authentic Belgian Chocolate cake tastes like and that’s one of the main reasons why we pushed through with Honey Glaze Cakes. At during the wedding, same lang yung lasa ng cake during our 2 food tasting meetings with them, hindi nag bago. Melts-in-your-mouth siya at sakto lang yung tamis. Though the only sad part is during the cake cutting ceremony, natigasan yata nila masyado yung sugar coated-layer ng cake (exterior part) so when we were trying to cut it using bread knife, hindi namin siya ma cut so what Garry did was he forced it a little bit and pag ka cut namin nadurog yung cake. Hindi na siya photogenic kaya sayang. But kahit ganun, we still love our cake and were just so happy until now na super sulit and binayad namin sa kanila! ❤️

During our Cake cutting ceremony


  • Chef Aileen and her staff were accommodating and really prompt in replying with inquiries through email since overseas kami.. They would even call you (Viber, as per our experience) to personally know your questions.
  • They’re also very flexible with Cake tasting schedules and the number of people who can visit them in their QC office. Sa dalawang beses na pag punta ko for cake tasting, parating andun si Chef to talk to me about my wedding and pegs.  To date, we had a total of 4-5 cake tasting meetings for the whole duration of our planning.
  • Initially we felt the rate of their cakes were expensive but after knowing how they work and kung gaano ka pulido yung pag kakagawa ng cake we can say that the rate were actually affordable for the quality of work that they do since the cakes definitely speak for themselves!
  • They really serve authentic Belgian Chocolate cakes which really caught my attention.


  • During our cake cutting ceremony, we found it hard to cut the cake because the outer layer was really solidified. Nung pinuwersa namin i-cut yung cake, nahati naman agad siya pero nadurog na siya nung pag kuha namin. We felt like that part of the cake where we’re supposed to slice ay dapat mas malambot ng konti so we don’t have to force it hard. We just shrugged off what happened pero hindi na kasi ganun kaganda tignan yung cake for photo ops. Also, may nakausap din kami na Honey Glaze Cake bride din (after the wedding) na same ang experience with us. So conclusion would be, matigas talaga yung cake icing na ginamit nila for the outer cover of the cake kaya ganun.
  • They only have a limited number of cake flavors to choose from, 6 if I remember it right.


  1. When sending your cake design pegs, make sure to itemize whatever you have in mind and put it all in a word/pdf file together with the images so it’s easier to check.
  2. Ask for at least 2-3 cake tasting schedules to be sure about the flavor of the cake that you want and to know that the taste of the cake is consistent enough for your standard.
  3. During the wedding, if you want to serve your cake to all your guests, be sure to have them placed on the Dessert table for all to see and will be cut in front of the guests. This advice came from Honey Glaze since they heard news before that some catering staff would cut it inside the venue’s kitchen and won’t serve all the cakes to the guests.

Contact Info:
Honey Glaze Cakes
FB & IG: Honey Glaze Cakes


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  1. Mitch says:

    How much is the total cake package?

    1. Hi Mitch. Their price range starts at 20K for wedding cakes.

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