Unofficial Prenup and Wedding HMUA Photos

After checking my Ipad for photos, I stumbled upon our unofficial photos during our prenup sessions and on the wedding day itself. If you’ve been reading the blog you’ve probably noticed that we got the services of three fabulous and popular wedding HMUAs based in Manila! Below are some of our photos which can help you decide if you are looking for your wedding HMUA or if you have already shortlisted them. I have posted some of the photos before in some posts here but just found it interesting to put it all together in one single post. Also, I’m the morena-chinita-type who doesn’t have any double eyelids so finding the bestest HMUA in Manila was a challenge for me especially I’m on a budget, based overseas and I don’t have time to do trial hair and make-up.

That fierce look with perfect brows, clean and neat hair & make-up. 🙂

Unofficial Video Prenup HMUA Photos by ISH SISON

1st set – DIY Casual attire. Hair by Alan Versoza
2nd set – Spanish Vintage attire. Hair by Alan Versoza

Video Prenup HMUA Review Here

Unofficial Photo Prenup HMUA Photos by TONI AVILES

1st set – Blue gown by John Rufo, Styling by Jeff Galang, Hair by Manilyn 
4th set – Gold gown by Ronald Enrico, Styling by Jeff Galang, Hair by Manilyn

Photo Prenup HMUA Review Here

Unofficial Wedding HMUA Photos by TONI AVILES

Bridal Preps – robe by La Tercera, Hair by Siony
Ceremony look. Gown by Mel Orlina, Bouquet by Gary Dacanay
2nd look for the Reception

Wedding HMUA Review Here

2nd look for the Reception, Hair by Siony

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  1. pulsa aqui says:

    He leido vuestro articulo con mucha atecion y me ha parecido didactico ademas de claro en su contenido. No dejeis de cuidar este blog es bueno.

    1. Hola. Gracias por reconocernos y apreciar nuestro blog. Su comentario es muy agradable. I checked your website and your hotel is very nice as well! Anyway have a nice day.


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