Certificate of Freedom to Marry

While in the middle of completing our documents for our wedding (89 days to go! Yay!), we stumbled into this so-called Certificate of Freedom to Marry. At first, we thought having a CENOMAR from NSO is already good, but then again when you’re a Catholic and based overseas for more than 6 months (better check with your desired church to be sure), the church where you wished to be married will require you this document. Based on our own experience, here’s the difference between the two:

Certificate of Freedom to Marry  or Certificate of No Marriage (CENOMAR)

  • requirement for the Civil Registry to get Marriage License from City Hall of your residence
  • from NSO
  • can be obtained online (fill the necessary details and pay the corresponding fee with shipping)
  • will be delivered max 7 working days
  • Fee: Php 375 (per copy, if online, check ecensus website for more info to be sure)

Certificate of Freedom to Marry (CHURCH)

  • requirement for the Church
  • from your Parish Abroad (contact them)
  • you will be required to submit copy of your Baptismal Certificate with for Marriage annotation
  • 2 Adult Catholic witnesses that can testify that you and your fiance is a parishioner of the said parish and that you have not married anybody prior to this wedding
  • can be released within the day depending on the completinon of the pre-requisite requirements
  • Fee will vary depending on your church , for us it’s 3 KD (Php 465)

Take note that certain Parishes abroad can require more documents etc so better to contact them directly. This is the steps and requirements that we did here at Kuwait City Cathedral under the AVONA Middle East.


For the complete list of the legal documents that you will need to secure, please check it HERE.

Getting all the legal documents is possible even if you’re an OFW or based overseas! To know how we did it, please check it HERE.

Confused on what to do first? Don’t fret! For a quick timeline on what you’re supposed to start with, please click HERE.


6 thoughts on “Certificate of Freedom to Marry

      1. Hi, are you a registered parishioner at your church when you applied for the certificate of freedom to marry? Thank you.


  1. Hi, in my case my fiance is work in Khartoum Sudan, he apply a certificate of freedom to marry but the problem is no once can process the certificate of freedom to marry what can we do? our wedding is schedule on February 2018.


    1. Hi Arianagyl. Are you going to have a catholic rite wedding? If yes, then you will both need a certificate of freedom to marry for your church requirement. First, ask your fiance if there is any catholic church in Sudan. If there is none, ask your church where you will be married for options. Sometimes different rules apply for different churches. I hope I was able to help. Happy preps!


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