Wedding Caterers

Food. Food. Food. It’s definitely one of THE most important elements in a wedding reception or any formal event. During such celebrations, Filipinos are very keen especially when it comes to what the celebration has to offer.

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Below is a list of known caterers based in Manila (except for Ladera) that we have considered during the course of our wedding planning. If you’re interested, it’s better to talk to them directly.


 Their 2015-2016 initial rates below for 150 pax Manila-based wedding is subject to change without prior notice. OOT fee not included.

Blu Plates by Chef Velmor

  • Contact:
  • 12% VAT and 10% Service Charge not included
  • Wedding package: Php 119,000 +++


Eloquente Catering

Packages is for Gazebo Royale venue only. Check for their other stand-alone packages.

  • Contact:
  • 10% Service Charge not included
  • Phoenix Palm Package: Php 102,000 +++
  • Champagne Palm Package: Php 111,000 +++
  • Royal Palm Package: Php 123,000 +++

CVJ Food Catering

Packages is for Gazebo Royale venue only. Check for their other stand-alone packages.

  • Contact:
  • 10% Service Charge not included
  • Promo Wedding Package: Php 117,000 +++
  • Grand Wedding Package: Php 160,500 +++

Events at Enderun Colleges

  • Contact:
  • 12% VAT included, Subject to 10% gratuity
  • Banquet Buffet 1 (min 30 pax): Php 1,150 per head
  • Banquet Buffet 2 (min 30 pax): Php 1,350 per head
  • Banquet Buffet 3 (min 30 pax): Php 1,500 per head
  • Banquet Buffet 4 (min 30 pax): Php 1,750 per head
  • Banquet Buffet 5 (min 30 pax): Php 2,000 per head
  • Enderun Banquet Menu Packages 2017

Ibarra’s Party Venues and Catering

  • Contact:
  • 12% VAT not included
  • Venue rental included (Ibarra’s Garden, Plaza Ibarra and Bella Ibarra only)
  • Standard Wedding Package: Php 118,500 +++
  • Classic Wedding Package: Php 115,000 +++
  • Superior Wedding Package: Php 133,500 +++
  • Deluxe Wedding Package: Php 148,500 +++
  • All Inclusive Wedding Package: Php 202,500 +++

Josiah’s Catering

K by Cunanan Catering 

  • Contact:
  • 12% VAT and 10% Service Charge not included
  • Wedding Package One: Php 148,500 +++
  • Wedding Package Two: Php 179,250 +++
  • For 2017 weddings
    • 100 pax – Php 101,000
    • 150 pax – Php 151,500
    • 200 pax – Php 202,000
    • 250 pax – Php 252,500
    • 300 pax – Php 303,000
    • 350 pax – Php 454,500
  • For 2018 weddings
    • 100 pax – Php 106,000
    • 150 pax – Php 159,000
    • 200 pax – Php 212,000
    • 250 pax – Php 265,000
    • 300 pax – Php 318,000
    • 350 pax – Php 477,000
  • KbyC Buffet Pricing 2017-2018

Ladera Catering Company 

Based in Tagaytay. Only for Splendido Taal Tagaytay venue. When availing of their services, pay the venue fee which is Php 40,000 +++ plus select 1 Wedding package amenities minimum Php 100,000+++ (10% Service Charge not included) and 1 Buffet package.

  • Contact:
  • 12% VAT and 10% Service Charge not included
  • Package A: Php 142,500 +++
  • Package B: Php 172,500 +++
  • Package C: Php 202,500 +++

Passion Cooks Catering

  • Contact:
  • 12% VAT and 10% Service Charge not included
  • International 1A without soup: Php 160,500 +++
  • International 1B with soup: Php 168,000 +++
  • International 2A without soup: Php 177,000 +++
  • International 2B with soup: Php 184,500 +++
  • International 3A without soup: Php 202,500 +++
  • International 3B with soup: Php 208,500 +++
  • Amical 100 pax: Php 105,000
  • Amical 150 pax: Php 141,000
  • Pristine 100 pax : Php 114,500
  • Pristine 150 pax: Php 163,500
  • 2017 Passion Cooks

Purple Dish Catering

  • Contact:
  • 10% Service Charge not included
  • Wedding Package: Php 149,000 +++

Verleo Catering

Packages is for Gazebo Royale venue only. Check for their other stand-alone packages.

  • Contact:
  • 12% VAT and 10% Service Charge not included
  • Package 1 Php 550/head: Php 82,500 +++
  • Package 2 Php 610/head: Php 91,500 +++

8 Comments Add yours

  1. gaporterGa says:

    Hello Aiki, I found your blog very helpful especially na I just started planning my wedding just now, at the moment and 4-5 months after kasalan na. =) Keep on updating po. Valuable po inputs mo dito. More power.

    1. Hi gaporterGa. Thanks for the kind words. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m really glad na nakakahelp yung info dito sa blog sa wedding preps mo. If you have questions or any infor regarding sa wedding preps you want me to cover na nakalimutan ko i tackle thoroughly. Inform us lang. Also, we usually post quick tips sa FB page that can also be helpful. Congrats on your engagement. Good luck and happy preps!

  2. leslie chua says:

    Hello po,

    if accredited venue meaning ba nun wala na extra charge sa venue pag yung caterer na un na ung kinuha namin? or meron parin?

    1. Hi Leslie. Yes basta accredited ng venue ang hotel wala na extra charge. Same rule applies sa lahat ng suppliers na accredited ng venue unless stated so ng venue like extra fee for electricity pag ng exceed sa max allowed watts nila etc.

  3. Trish says:

    Hello! May I ask – for K by Cunanan’s plated service, would you know if guests can have two options for the main course? Can the main course be pre-selected and we can just differentiate them from their place cards? Hope you can let me know. Thanks!

    1. Hi Trish. I don’t have an idea if they allow that since Caterers have different rules and services offered. Better to inquire with them directly. Specify what you prefer since I think what you want is a customized set of menu options. Happy preps!

  4. elainnersss says:

    Hello po! ๐Ÿ™‚ Your website is really really informative and inspires me lalo na OFW din kami (Hala from Dubai! ๐Ÿ˜Š).

    Question lang about the caterer. How did you manage to book even though nasa Kuwait kayo? Pano po yung food tasting and other details? Iโ€™m really clueless since wala kami sa Pinas. Though nasa first stage palang kami ng preparations, I really want to cross out yung major suppliers kaso I donโ€™t know how or where to start. ๐Ÿ˜… Thanks in advanced!

    1. Hi elainnersss. You’re welcome. We’re happy to know we were able to inspire you in your wedding preps. ๐Ÿ˜Š As per your question, we booked them through bridal fair through my aunt. But even before that we were already communicating with them and sure na in getting them though we were just waiting for fairs to get possible promos and discounts. You can read the full story here

      Also a good alternative would be to pay through bank transfer. Highly recommend ko ito for OFWs so you can keep track of your payments.

      To start with your preps, recommend ko to read first starting from our post Getting Married? to give you idea. Connected posts kasi yan. Everything is listed sa main page here
      Just ask away if you have more questions baka makatulong kami. Happy preps! ๐Ÿ˜Š

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