Intramuros Aerial Shoot Permit

GA vidlens aerial shot

Aerial shots for Prenup and Wedding has been one of the hottest trends recently. But, not all places are allowed for aerial shots due to security and privacy reasons. And unfortunately, Intramuros is one of them. Since Intramuros is a restricted area for aerial shots, your wedding photographer and videographer needs to submit licenses and legal documents in order to be allowed to do aerial shots of the area.

Below are the requirements to be submitted by your Photographer and Videographer for the aerial shoot permit as per the Urban Development Department of the Intramuros Administration:

  1. Letter of request to do aerial shoot (photography or videography) using drone including the details of the Prenup Shoot and Wedding addressed to:
    • Ms. Marietta V. Allaga of the Urban Planning and Community Development Division of Intramuros
  2. Administration copy of Airman license issued by DOTC CAAP
  3. Certificate of authorization from CAAP
  4. J2k clearance from AFP
  5. Photo of drone camera with complete specifications
  6. Applicable fee

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Iya says:

    I didn’t know you need to get a permit! Thank you for saving me the headache. More power to you guys ❤

    1. Garry & Aiki says:

      You’re welcome Iya! ❤

  2. Jazzy says:

    how much po un permit thank you

    1. Garry & Aiki says:

      Hi Jazzy. The fees vary depending on the certificate. When we inquired, it was free pa since we already paid 2k for our supposed Intramuros prenup shoot basta complete documents, those that we listed above. To be sure, better call them na lang maybe may changes na.

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