Do you need a Wedding Coordinator?


I’ve heard a lot of people ask that – from online forums, Facebook groups or even my friends who will be getting married like me. Of course, I’d definitely say yes. It’s based on my personal opinion as someone who had previous experience working with events. Some would think it’s a waste of money since it will become an added expense to the wedding budget list. But look at it this way –  Do you want to have a stress-free wedding? Would you need a pro to handle all the necessary things on your wedding day? Were you only interested to hire a wedding coordinator because they have been trending in a lot of online wedding groups or the people that you know who got married before you had theirs too? Or you and your fiancé simply want to make sure that both of you will be at least worry-free on your wedding day?

Wedding Coordinators or Planners (for full service) are paid because of their expertise. They are composed of around 5 or more people who would make sure that your wedding day would go as smoothly as planned. Yes, unexpected problems would occur but with their expertise, they will definitely make sure that everything will be under control.

One friend told me, “I have my relatives and close friends who volunteered to do the job. Why would I still need to hire one?” Good question, I must say. But look at this angle. On your wedding day itself, would you really give your full trust to your volunteered relatives and close friends to act as a team to make sure everything is okay like —

  • Will they make sure to RSVP all your guests and contact all your suppliers weeks/days before your wedding to plan out what will possibly happen on the event itself?
  • Will they make sure to remind you and your fiance regarding the wedding checklist, timeline and program for the event?
  • Will they wake up earlier than you and your groom to make sure that all your wedding suppliers have arrived and is taken cared of?
  • Will they make sure you get your hair and makeup done so you will be prepared for your prep photo and video shoot?
  • Will they make sure that they can find a solution to fix your gown, your groom’s suit or your entourage’s attire in case there will be an unexpected problem?
  • Will they make sure that your flowers, caterer, and other suppliers would arrive on time and has delivered what is written on the contracts?
  • Will they make sure that your wedding checklist is complete and all set whilst coordinating it in a timely manner with the suppliers currently servicing your big day?
  • Will they be able to check the church or ceremonial venue an hour before the event will start just to make sure that all the details to be done are finished and that everything is ready for the ceremony?
  • Will they make sure that the bridal car won’t be late for your big day?
  • Will they make sure that the ceremonial procession will be complete with your sponsors and entourage?
  • Will they make sure that all your suppliers will be fed while you, your groom and the rest of the guests are having the time of your life?
  • Will they make sure that all your guests will be seated accordingly and not to allow any gate crashers to come to your wedding party without an invitation?
  • Will they be able to contain or handle any guest-related problems if such will occur?
  • Will they make sure that the program emcee would know what he/she will be doing while working hand-in-hand with the photographer, videographer, band (if there is any) and lights and sounds suppliers?
  • Will they make sure that all your monetary gifts will be coordinated properly to you, your groom or your key person relative who will handle the money received on the day?
  • Will they make sure that all the non-monetary gifts will be delivered to your hotel after the wedding?
  • Will they make sure that all the suppliers who will be paid on the wedding day itself will receive their payments with a signed official receipt as per the contract?
  • Will they make sure that all the necessary details of the wedding on the egress period will commence properly?

These are just some of the things that wedding coordinators/planner do on the wedding day itself, so if the answer for all is YES then you and your fiancé are lucky enough to have your friends and/or relatives who volunteered to do these tasks for free.

But if NO… Think again. A hundred times, maybe.

It’s not actually about questioning their “abilities” if they can fulfill it to the T, but as also considering yourselves as a gracious host because you invited them to celebrate with you on one of your most special days.

Remember, money can be earned but whatever happens on the wedding day itself can never be repeated again.

Do you want to regret just because you thought their role is not as important as your wedding photographer or wedding caterer, for example? Besides, you’ll only be married once, right? Hopefully.


  1. Do not focus on the freebies that the coordinator will provide you or those that were found in their packages, instead focus on the quality of their service because that’s the most important thing.
  2. Check for their reputation and portfolio. Freebies are just a bonus. Besides, you didn’t hire them in the first place to only style your registration table or give you party poppers, right?
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  1. Mia Catriz says:

    Please I need help of wedding coordinator.i am from the philippines.and I want a simple and beach wedding.

    1. Hi Mia. You can check this post of our shortlisted wedding coordinators. You can inquire with them to know who fits your budget and needs. It is best to schedule an online meeting/skype meeting with your shortlisted suppliers so you can have a good rapport with whoever you’d want to choose. Here’s the post that we did: Good luck!

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