Wedding Supplier Crew Meals


One of the underrated things that couples need to tick off from their wedding checklist is Supplier Crew Meals. Before we thought that we don’t need to allot money for this since only a few suppliers will be present at our wedding and actually akala namin kasama na yung food nila sa bayad namin. Admittedly, we felt naive with this concept at first since here in Kuwait, whenever we freelance with some events, either we’d always be included in the guest list or we need to make sure that we’re already full and not expect our clients to feed us because it’s not part of the agreement. But, in the Philippines, it’s entirely different. So after we researched on the importance of crew meals and talking to our Coordinator, we came to realize that we should definitely provide for them because they will be working very hard for more than 6 hours on our wedding day! After going through all supplier contracts and double checking it with our Coordinator, we come to realize that our expected numbers of crews have increased and that suppliers even have their own “preferred” meals or corresponding meal allowances.

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Wedding Photographer and Videographer Checklist


Credit to Myio Okamoto Photography


One of the most important things to do in a wedding is to choose an awesome and definitely reliable photographer and videographer who can capture the most memorable events of your wedding. But before doing so be sure that you have an idea on what you need to consider since paying deposits to book their services on a standard Php 10,000 per team is already a big deal for budget couples. And of course, letting go of your deposit when you decide later on that you found a better deal or a better one is something you should at least avoid especially if you have a tight budget for your wedding. But, if you have all the extra financial means.. why not?

Below are the things that we considered when we have chosen our Photographer and Videographer. These things may or may not be applicable to you, but you can at least have a good idea to create your own standard or basis.

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Wedding Detailings: Who works what?

During your wedding’s final detailing phase, there are certain things with your details that you get confused who should you talk to about and who should be working with. Below are the things that are mostly applicable to those couples who got OTD Coordinators only since from the start you and your hubby have managed to book all of your suppliers directly and by yourselves. 


GA with dream team 2
#TeamOurLoveStoReal — Our awesome wedding suppliers after our wedding


The suppliers below are supposed to be 100% responsible for the following during your wedding’s final detailing to ensure a smooth process. Again, these are all based on our own experiences. 

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Wedding Supplier Review: IMBITADO EVENTS Coordinator and Host

Once we got engaged, we immediately scouted for the best yet affordable wedding coordinator in the Philippine Wedding Industry and we were lucky we were able to book them for our “hot date“. Below is our supplier review for our OTD wedding coordinator — IMBITADO EVENTS and the team leader as our reception host, AYIE CONTRERAS-TUATES

  • Supplier Rating: 4.75/5 (OTD Coordination) and 5/5 (Hosting)
  • Mode of Communication: Email, FB Chat (consultations), Skype (online meeting)
  • Contact Person: Ms Ayie Contreras-Tuates 
GA with dream team 2
Garry and Aiki with Imbitado Events, Vidlens Productions, Myio Okamoto Team and Rejectkrew

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Wedding Supplier Review: GARY DACANAY Event Stylist

We were always fascinated with glamorous art installations, floral decors etc that we see on weddings that’s why we decided to push through in booking a separate Event Stylist for our wedding and that’s GARY DACANAY. Below is our supplier review for him and his team.

  • Supplier Rating: 3.25/5 (Event Styling) and 5/5 (Bridal Bouquet/Groom’s Boutonniere)
  • Mode of Communication: FB Chat, Email
  • Contact Person: Mr Gary Dacanay
Our reception styling for our Spanish Vintage Glam themed wedding by Gary Dacanay. Official photo by Myio Okamoto


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Things to ask your Church

If you’re currently scouting for your dream wedding church and don’t know what to ask during your appointment, you can use this list as your guide to help you in your wedidng preps journey. The list is applicable for Catholic weddings since this is based from our own experience, though some information found below can also be useful for Christian weddings. But before you ask your church, be sure you have these information at hand.

  • prospective date of ceremony
  • prospective time of ceremony

During your meeting, these are the things that you should ask..
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Wedding Supplier Review: MANILA HOTEL

Here is our supplier review for our Hotel Accommodation/Preps during the wedding — MANILA HOTEL

  • Supplier Rating: 2.75/5
  • Mode of Communication: Email, Landline (if needed), Personal Visits
  • Contact Person: Prestige Membership (Ms Anne/Ms Jhello/ Ms Ren)


Manila Hotel Lobby decors last December 2016 

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