Wedding Planner Journal


When I went back to Manila, one of the things that I kept in mind was to buy myself a wedding planner journal. I went to 3 big known bookstores but didn’t find any. When I went to the Wedding Library shop in SM North, I found wedding magazines hanging on their stands and asked the sales person if they have a wedding planner journal. And..they said none. So when I was browsing their magazines I saw this new copy of Wedding Essentials and simply just bought one for myself, thinking the visuals featured would be of help. When I went home, I was surprised to find this baby inside! And yes.. I was thrilled. I know its easy to just download and print checklists from online sources but I’m still an old soul and I find happiness in having one. I’m not promoting the magazine but if you’re like me who still prefer to keep track of your wedding preps especially the budget part and checklists of suppliers by writing down on paper (the conventional way) then this baby is good for you.

Wedding Essential matazine with the free wedding planner

Also, when I went to my couturier, they had these Weddings at Works Primer and Classified Ads 2015-2016 to help couples like us. The W@W Primer contains helpful information and tips in doing wedding preps written by former brides and experienced wedding suppliers in the country. The W@W Classified Ads, on the other hand, contains trusted and effective W@Wie wedding suppliers all these years. They have been compiled meticulously by the founder and her team through the contribution of former brides and grooms. Luckily I got them for free in my designer’s shop since she is a know top W@W supplier. Both can be purchased for only Php 100 each. For more info in getting one, you may contact Weddings at Works directly.

My free copy of the W@W Brides’s Yellow Pages and Wedding Primer

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