DIY: Save The Date Video

Weddings would always entail spending to book the best possible suppliers that you and your fiancé can afford. But it doesn’t mean that you guys need to splurge on everything because it would still depend on your budget. DIYs or do-it-yourself has become a trend lately especially for budget-conscious couples. Instead of booking wedding vendors to do items like invitations, save the date invites, decorations, ceremonial accessories, bouquets, boutonnieres, etc. couples would opt to do it by themselves using their own resources to personalize and customize such items cost effectively. But as an overseas based couple, it is quite difficult for us to DIY things since not all materials were easily available and if they do, the items doesn’t come cheap. Here in Kuwait, we don’t have a Divisoria-style marketplace where all the raw materials can be haggled and bought in a low price. But since we are capable of something, we, instead decided to DIY what we can.

Below is our very own 100% DIY Save the Date video or which my fiancé fondly calls it Lock the Date for some reason that we did last December 2015 while playing with our Nikon D5100 camera.

Watching it, we didn’t think we would be able to do it but yeah we surely did! Luckily, we got the venue for free, got the clothes from our own wardrobe and I did our light makeup. My fiancé did his best with the video editing and in order to take the angles that we want, we interchanged in taking the shots with the help of my ever reliable tripod since our manpower is only us — yes, me and him! So overall cost or peso/dinar power = zero. How’s that for a DIY project? Anyway we are not professional videographers nor stylist (HMUA even 😂), so please bear with the amateurish details, baby fats and crazy antics that you’ll be seeing along the way.

Location: Maze Creative Concepts, Kuwait

Oh and because of this incredible feat that we did, we are planning to make another one! Hopefully we’ll have time to do it. 😊 Enjoy watching and Happy preps!


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  1. soontobemrs.sp says:

    thank you for this idea! i’m a 2017 bride without any solid plans yet. haha! but because of this, i’m thinking of asking a good friend to shoot our prenup or save the date vid 🙂 thank you!

    1. Hi soontobemrs.sp Congrats on your engagement! We’re glad you found the idea helpful. With the gadgets that we have right now, we have the option to DIY our prenup/save the date/postnup esesh especially if you’re on budget constraints. It’s a bit tricky but if you have the help of friends, why not. Just add a little creativity to it. Please don’t forget to give us the link of your DIY Save the Date or Prenup Video! We’d love to see them! Enjoy and happy preps! 🙂

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