Supplier Pencil Booking No-No

I know not everyone would agree with me on this but pencil booking literally sucks. Yes, I need to vent right now because we had been frustrated for a week because of this HMUA that we were talking to for our engagement shoot. Talk about some wedding preps stress! Well we tried to book this certain HMUA because of recommendation from the awesome people of waw community and certain affiliation to a styling company. Their works are undeniably good and what I like the most was their fresh natural make-up. So when we inquired regarding their current rates and availability, we felt lucky that they were open for our chosen slot. The thing is, we are an overseas couple. Even if it’s a few more months before our flight back to Manila, we have already started doing our appointments for our itinerary. Every single day is very important to us. Besides we only get 30 days leave a year from work and it’s so damn difficult to even get a leave!

So, when we’re about to pay for our deposit after a couple of days of talking… the HMUA told us that they overlooked their calendar and said that our chosen date wasn’t available anymore. We were freaked out! When everything’s okay..then this came along! We calmly asked what happened and the HMUA said that our chosen date was already pencil booked for a supposed prenup shoot as well by a girl who was also an OFW like us. Unfortunately this girl seemed to have issues asking for leave from work. Okay, so we got that. But what was kind of annoying was the pencil booked part. Seriously. And since we liked this HMUA, my fiance and I talked it over to voluntarily wait for 1 week until the girl can make a decision if she’ll really take the slot or not. What was more annoying was the fact that the HMUA forgot to inform us (after the girl asked for another few days of extension = waiting time for us) that this girl already had a contract with her and the date that we both wanted was the only thing that was pencil booked!

The rules are simple: Contract = booked suppliers, unless cancellation has been made. But seriously..if the HMUA had told us earlier about the condition of their “contract” then we should have not wasted our time waiting for the supplier’s availability even if we really want that HMUA. End of story.

Bottom line, the girl got the our date. Lucky for her. I guess it’s really meant for her, right?

But lesson learned? Never quickly trust any supplier. ALWAYS DOUBLE CHECK IF YOUR DATE IS REALLY REALLY REALLY AVAILABLE! The HMUA actually apologized after but the damage has been done. Anyway, best of luck to both of them. I just hope this HMUA wouldn’t do what she did to us to anybody else. I know everybody’s busy and no one’s perfect, but please please please be professional.

Inhale. Exhale.



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  1. Istacia says:

    Hi.. Im sorry to hear about that… But thanks for your advice. We are also an ofw who’s planning to get married in manila a year and half from now. My fiance and i were discussing about the wedding preparations and we badly need advices because our family suggested that we both have to be hands on; however, we’re both working and yes, it’s true that it’s really difficult to get a leave. Can you please give us some points which we can consider on how to plan the wedding.

    1. Hi Istacia. That usually happens, though I just needed to vent out since that gave me quite a stress. Anyway, being hands on with your wedding would really depend on you and your fiance. Some overseas couples would prefer to leave it to the experts while some like us, still want to do what we can while were overseas. Plus it saves quite a few, too. To start, you can read this blog post that we did and I have links below those posts to another post that we made that can hopefully guide you through the process. You can also check Our Wedding Preps timeline as an example of how were doung it. We’re definitely not an expert (toooo far from it) but what we have on this blog is a product of our on going wedding preparation. Hope it helps! 🙂

      1. Istacia says:

        Thanks for your reply. I will definitely check on it. Then if i still have questions, i hope you can still give some advice. Thanks again😊

  2. Hi Istacia. You’re welcome. Sure no problem just ask away. I’ll try to answer them the best that I can. 🙂

  3. Kor says:

    I just came across your article and what I can say is that HMUA is so bogus! I would flip out if it were me. I just can’t believe they would do that to anyone. “Pencil-booked” is not a good reason to cancel and go back on their word. To think there was already a contract signed! hmmph! That is really frustrating!

    1. Hi Kor. It was really frustrating. We were left expecting for more than a week thinking that we got her slot. It was the first time also that a supplier like that did it to us. She said she was sorry about it but the damage was done. Interestingly we weren’t the only one who got that issue with her. Anyway hopefully it won’t happen to other couples also. And just like what my fiance was telling me, it’s probably a blessing in disguise because what if we’ll have this issue on the day of our prenup session! So be careful in choosing your suppliers. Good luck!

  4. mikiji says:

    Just had this same experience….with our VENUE! we had invested our emotions at this place for a date we wanted and just about ready to make our downpayment but some other staff member booked another couple for the same date.

    We were so exhausted trying to find another venue that we loved so we decided to change our date to the week after. Sometimes you have to compromise, I guess.

    I’m glad to have come across your blog, seems like a lot of useful information! My fiancee and I are also attempting to do this ourselves – it does help that she’s in Manila even while I’m overseas.

    Thanks for all the info you provide!

    1. Hi mikiji. Thank you for appreciating the blog. It depends on you if you want to compromise but majority of suppliers do not accept pencil booking that’s why if you really wanted a supplier, pay your deposit to secure your date and booking. It’s always a first come, first served basis.

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