Wedding Supplier Contract Cancellation


Technically, contracts are made between two parties where the first party is the Supplier/Vendor and the second party would be the couple, who seeks the services of the first one. Just like in any contracts or business dealings, there are times when either parties involved thought of cancelling the agreement. During wedding preps, this occurs occassionally for different reasons.

But even before you would think of doing it be sure to take note of the following important facts so you won’t regret your decision later on.

  • deposits made are usually non-refundable (unless you can interchange it) because of “opportunity costs” or loss of potential client
  • contracts are non-transferrable
  • contracts cannot be cancelled 60 days before the wedding (unless stated otherwise)
  • cancellation of contracts before allowable date to be cancelled would entail the couple to pay the services in full (usually with Caterers)

Just be fully aware that most of the time deposits or downpayments are non-refundable. Deposits protect suppliers from impulsive clients.

When you and your fiance is okay with these common provisions, the first thing you need to do before even thinking of cancelling your existing supplier contract for whatever reason is to find first a new replacement. This would at least secure the services that you want for your prenup and/or wedding day and to lessen any hassle that can come in the way.

Then, after securing your new booking with a new supplier, talk honestly and directly to your to-be-cancelled-supplier. Informing them that you won’t need their services for your big day would clear out their booked schedule and have it opened for others who are willing to take it. This would also determine the fate of your deposited amount whether you can refund it, transfer or interchange it with their other existing services, if you would still prefer it.

Always remember to be polite when doing so and remember that it is optional in your part to explain in detail for the said cancellation.






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