PreNup Shoot Preparations

Credit: Nice Print Photography

If there’s one thing we learned these past couple of weeks, it’s about the exclusivity of Engagement/Pre Nuptial shoots. Trust me, they’re like a separate entity from the whole wedding planning in itself. Yes, it’s true that the output from doing such will play a role up to the big day – hence reminders for the guests to block your wedding date, the AVP and video presentations and your new found connection with your  suppliers, with whom would turn out to be the same group of people who’ll be there to  do their expert services during your wedding – but a lot of things should be really considered when planning for one. I’m writing this not because we’re already done with our shoot but because we are currently in the process of doing it and this is what we have experienced so far while we’re preparing for it. You can do them in random orders depending on you and your fiance’s preference.

First off, you need to be specific if you want a Photo shoot, Video shoot or combined. Remember, some photo and video team prefers to work alone and have the whole day with you guys.

Second, fix your flight schedule especially if you’re overseas like us. This will give you  enough time to properly plot your calendar and be flexible with the third step.

Third, you need to block the date. When starting your wedding preps, this is similar to knowing if all your dream Prenup shoot suppliers will be available, desired venue included. Be mindful that you need to be flexible in adjusting the date if you really want your suppliers to work together especially if your desired Prenup date will fall on the -ber months (aka peak season).

**Tip!** Since it’s so damn hard to arrange supplier schedules, ask them if they do pencil booking so you don’t need to pay possible rebooking fees (for some strict suppliers). 

Fourth, choose your suppliers wisely. This will depend on you and your fiance’s preference and budget. The list includes the prenup venue, photographers, videographers, HMUA and even stylist, if you think you’ll be needing one. Like what I stated earlier this is a good way to initially establish your connection with them especially if they’d be working for your wedding. Trust me, you must have that this is it feeling as well!

**Tip!** If you don’t have idea who you want for your suppliers, do your research. Do not hesitate to ask for promo, discounts or any offers that they might have. 

Fifth, finalize your prenup shoot pegs and communicate it well with all your suppliers so it can be achieved on the day itself. It’s better if you can meet with them personally or if you’re overseas, use online portals. Be very specific with what you want but also consider what they have in mind.

If all is well with the schedules, date and suppliers, focus now on one of the most important part – budget. This will include the following. You can omit some but this is how we see it.

  • Pre nuptial shoot venue fee
  • Pre nuptial shoot suppliers fee (if not included in your wedding package)
  • OOT fees
  • Hotel accomodation for make up preps (if not included in the venue, it’s out of town, the shoot is overnight, will start too early or end up late)
  • Food and water
  • Clothes, Shoes, Accesories (if you don’t have a stylist or not included in your styling package)
  • Gas
  • Toll fee, if any

**Tip!** Itemize everything so you guys will know if you are still within your allotted budget.

Then, you also have to consider who to tag alone during your Prenup or Engagement Shoot. The list can include either one:

  • your full coordinator (but be sure it’s included in your contract)
  • your sibling(s)
  • one of your entourage like your MOH or Bridesmaid

But when you do include them on your Prenup Team to help or assist you and your fiancé during your shoot, keep in mind that it will incur dditional expenses for transportation (if you’re going to commute), accomodation (if you need to stay over) and food. Practically speaking if you’re on a budget, 1 person is enough to assist you, someone whom you can really trust to take care of your belongings and do some logistics like for food deliveries etc while you’re both busy with the Prenup session.

Also, keep in mind that OTD coordinators don’t need to be present in your prenup shoot since the scope of their work covers only your wedding day. You can, however, ask them for tips.

Last but not the least, trust your chosen suppliers and have fun! This doesn’t happen on a daily basis and even if you’d like to repeat the experience, this is comparable to a wedding that will hold once in a lifetime memories.

Don’t stress yourself.. CHILLAX!

Happy preps! 🙂


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