Wedding Detailing: Cake


I’m a cake aficionado but ironically it was part of the least priority in our wedding checklist since we are on a budget and our minds are already occupied with the other “big things”. Also we didn’t bother in sourcing out a wedding cake supplier because initially our Wedding Cake is already part of our caterer’s package when we availed them. The package includes 3 layers of edible cake and by looking at the photos they have, they all looked okay to me. Since it’s definitely not in our priority list, the idea also dawned on me again after talking to my Matron of Honor, Meann, who told me that their cake was one of the most memorable highlights of their wedding. She even showed me photos of their 5 layers wedding cake and I was really wowed. She then recommended that I check out their cake supplier (she got married back in 2013) and see for myself if I’d change my mind in getting a separate wedding cake supplier. Immediately I took her cake supplier’s number and set an appointment. That was back in December 2015.

First meeting with Chef Aileen back in December 2015

During my appointment I was assisted by Ms Marj and the owner herself, Chef Aileen Conde of HONEY GLAZE CAKES. Their showroom was located in a private residence inside Don Jose Heights Village in Commonwealth, Quezon City. When you get inside, they will quickly serve you slices or all the available cakes that they baked for the day and let your taste buds enjoy their delectable flavors before you’d start with the formal meeting. I later found out that Chef Aileen was a Cebuana who had her practice in the US for baking/pastry design making and this was a family-owned business. Interestingly, her company was also featured in celebrity events which made me a bit hesitant since I thought their services would be quite expensive. But because I was referred by her former bride who, she actually remembered after I showed Meann’s wedding cake photos, she gave me a good rate for our 5 layers non-edible wedding cake with 3 edible cakes in separate boxes and 24 cupcakes for free! I immediately called my fiance who wasn’t with me at that time and approved of the booking.

Almost a year after that meeting, on Nov 28, 2016 my fiancé and I went to their showroom and did the final cake tasting and detailing with Chef Aileen. It was also his first meeting with her and her team. As SOP, we were generously served with their freshly baked cakes (4 flavors that day) and a cup of cold iced tea.

Belgian Chocolate.. their best seller. It actually tastes similar to Cheesecake Factory’s belgian choco cake, but a little bit unsweetened so definitely good for those whose into something classic.
Pecan Cheesecake. My fiance and I were actually craving for it again after and decided we’d get one of these but Chef Aileen told us it’s not ideal for longer travel time and is only good to eat after you get it out straight from the fridge. So a no-no for our wedding since the cake would be traveling approx 2 hours with traffic included just to get to our venue 😦
Rocky Road. It has this melts-in-you-mouth feel. Really yummy though has this “umay factor” if you’re not the chocolate lover type
Carrot Cake. Highly recommended for those who doesn’t want the conventional chocolate flavor for their wedding cakes. Actually reminds me of my mom’s carrot banana cake lol

The detailing  only took an hour because we already sent our initial peg months prior the set appointment so she can have an idea about what to do with our design. We also decided our final cake flavor and ended with having all Belgian Chocolate cakes instead of dividing it to Belgian and Pecan Cheesecake because of the travel-time issue.

Our final cake detailing done as posted from Honey Glaze Cakes FB page 🙂

After our final cake tasting and detailing, we’re super excited with the possible outcome of our dream wedding cake!

**Tip!** When sending your cake design pegs, make sure to itemize whatever you have in mind and put it all in a word/pdf file together with the images so it’s easier to check.


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