Wedding Supplier Review: REJECTKREW Lights and Sounds

With so many Lights and Sounds supplier, it was rather difficult to find the best one. Aside from the fact that we’re both not knowledgeable about the technicalities of a Lights and Sounds suppliers although our main priority was not to look like Barney at our own wedding. Thus, from a lot of research and recommendation we were able to find — REJECTKREW LIGHTS & SOUNDS, which was also a former Top Weddings at Work Supplier Awardee.

  • Supplier Rating: 5/5
  • Mode of Communication: Email, FB Chat
  • Contact Person: Mr. Elmer Bautista (owner)/ Ms. Raye
Photo by Myio Okamoto

As early as September 2015 we already inquired with Rejectkrew, a quite popular Lights and Sounds Supplier for weddings. We then realized that the team was also highly recommended by our desired OTD Coordinator and had a lot of great feedback from real brides. When we were able to get hold of their contact info, Kuya Elmer, the owner was prompt enough to reply back with the services that they were offering. The package was also the most affordable that I have searched at that time. But when we were about to book them, our venue informed us that Rejectkrew was not on their accredited list which automatically would mean that we have to pay for corkage fees. But the amount wasn’t disclosed by the venue only until we were able to give them the full list of equipment that Rejectkrew will bring on the day of the wedding.

This is the list of equipment that was used for our wedding 

During our wedding, Rejectkrew came on time and they followed what we have talked about especially with our additional lights as part of our upgrade (Php 5000 add-on) because of our event stylist’ request. From our initial 12 par LED lights we upgraded it to 24 par LED lights which, as per our event stylist was the standard for a dinner reception like ours.

Breakdown of Lights and Sounds (L/S) Supplier Expenses

  • Php 10,000 : total cost of the L/S package good for a full band set up
  • Php 5,000 : additional 12 par LED lights (optional)
  • Php 3,500 : electricity fee (as corkage) paid to La Castellana venue

When we entered the venue, the lights don’t look yellowish or purplish, but just the right amount that we can be clearly seen by everyone and still has that dim-light effect which is good for dinner events. The sound system was also clear and we can clearly hear Ayie’s voice (our host) whenever she speaks as well as the sound coming from the band that we hired. Everything was okay and we noticed that on Ayie’s every cue, they really know if it’s time to lower the lights or brighten it up a little bit, etc.

ceiling 1
The screenshot is taken from our SDE

When our SDE came out and the official photos 3 months later, we were glad that everything was clear and the lights that Rejectkrew used was just the perfect blend for us to be seen. Even with the extra corkage fee that we paid and the additional lights system for our upgrade, we’re so happy that we didn’t think twice about booking Rejectkrew because our photos just speak for themselves!


  • They’re very efficient and has the most affordable rates that we have searched.
  • They have a good reputation from their co-wedding suppliers and have great feedback from real brides that we have talked during our wedding planning.
  • They’re partners with our chosen full band – Madz & Dzhei and has a good working relationship with our OTD Coordinator and host – Imbitado Events/Ms. Ayie.


  • They would sometimes reply late but I think it’s because they are busy since Rejectkrew is really in demand these days
  • They “lost” their accreditation from La Castellana, our venue, as per Mr. Christian due to some past issues which we didn’t ask further. But since we already booked their services, was highly recommended by Ms. Ayie and they’re partners with our band, we decided to keep them instead and were forced to pay the electrical fee instead which amounted to Php 3,500 at the end of the wedding.


  1.  When booking your Lights and Sounds Supplier be sure that they have a good relationship and have worked closely before with your desired band/musician and host since their work is connected during your wedding reception’s program. Mahirap maging guinea pig ang wedding mo kung saan dun pa lang sila mag kakapaan.
  2. Your selected Lights and Sounds supplier should have at least worked previously with your selected Event Stylist since the latter would need a standard number of LED par lights that is suited for the size of your venue, time of your reception and number of guests. So when you booked an Event Stylist, be sure to ask what are the requirements needed for your reception venue since this will vary depending on your total number of guests, venue location, etc. 
  3. The more number of par LED lights the better if you want to have a brighter dinner reception just like ours.

Rejectkrew Professional Lights and Sounds Suppliers
Kuya Elmer or Ms. Raye
FB: Rejectkrew Lights and Sounds Suppliers or
+63936 920 5083


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Luke says:

    Ms Aiki – I have a question, we booked RK as well. I you have lists songs you wanted to play sa reception, sila na rin ba bahala doon? TIA

    1. Hi Luke. Do you have a band ba or RK lang talaga? If RK lang, give Kuya Elmer the lists of songs you’d like to be played, but double check if may additional payment for that since he will act as the DJ. Usually ang scope kasi ng L/S is to provide for lights and sounds equipment only, given na you have a band on your wedding. Check your cotract din for the scope of their work.

      1. Luke says:

        Hi Aiki- yes si madz din ang band namen. Thanks I’ll double check din.

      2. You’re welcome. Happy preps 🙂

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