Wedding Supplier Review: JE&CO Groom’s Suit

Garry’s suit is a non-negotiable on our list. Ever since we started our wedding planning he already knew what he wanted to wear on our big day. He just want one thing – a Suit! Below is our supplier review for our Groom’s bespoke suit — JE&CO. HABERDASHERY

  • Supplier Rating: 5/5
  • Mode of Communication: FB 
  • Contact Person: Mr Johann Ebarle
Garry’s bespoke suite from JE&Co. Photo by Myio Okamoto

Although he expressed his interest between a tuxedo or a simple Americana, as we Pinoys might call it, he never even thought of getting a barong. I would remember him telling me that he would always see himself walking down the aisle in a classic bespoke suit. A tailored bespoke suit that would fit him like a king. But for me.. a bespoke what? I have seen a lot of men in suits but I personally don’t know about its technicalities. But for Garry whose used to wearing suits for his office work, he finds them comfy and sleek. But, as per the man of the hour, he said that there are different kinds of suits just like how bridal gowns would vary. And so the search for the perfect Groom’s Suit began.

At first, Garry was considering to get an RTW. Every time we would roam the streets of Kuwait – instead of our normal dates, we’d do our wedding prep dates looking for things for use for our wedding, there won’t be a time where we won’t go inside a Men’s Boutique. Ranging from brands with the likes of Ermenegildo Zegna, Zara, Massimo Dutti, Hugo Boss that offers RTW suits to local Turkish and Lebanese for customized tailors, Garry couldn’t find what he was looking for. So, I told him that probably the best possible alternative is to get his suit tailor-made when we go back to Manila.

We first encountered JE&Co while researching for our photographer and from a wedding blog called B&B that we always use for our inspiration. From there we noticed how sleek and neat-looking their suits were so we started to follow them on their FB page (since they don’t have their own website) and Garry immediately inquired to know about their rates. At first, he wasn’t that he would be getting them since he was worried how they would be able to make one on a very tight schedule. Unfortunately, we would only have 1 month before our wedding to do everything. JE&Co. was prompt with replying (FB chat) so when they did, Garry was happy to know that their usual lead time for the groom’s suit is around 3-4 weeks with around 3-4 fittings as well. We even asked if there’s a need for us to pay any deposit but the owner, Johann, told us that they would only accept down payments once the measurement has been done.

JE&Co Shop with photos of their past clients

When we went back to Manila for his first appointment with JE&Co exactly 2 days after we arrived, Garry already knew that he wanted them to make his suit. Thankfully their office was only around Maginhawa Street in Quezon City which is not that far from where we live. Also as an alternative, we have 3 scheduled appointments with 3 different suit makers (1  supplier we got from WAW and 1 from our research). But, Garry already had that this-is-it feeling when he met with Johann and discussed everything. JE&Co. were detailed with how they present their products and services. They even showed sample fabric and styles for Garry to choose from and recommended this Egyptian cloth for example which is good for his inner shirt. Since our wedding is set for an afternoon, they recommended this Italian wool type for his suit and a special type of satin for the shawl lapel. Though unfortunately, they don’t customize bowtie and cummerbund so we decided to just purchase it outside.

Inside the JE&Co Shop for his 1st appointment

And so on our first appointment last Nov 21, we paid the deposit through bank transfer (half of the rate) and Ms Kirsty, his secretary, already made Garry’s schedule. He also had his measurements taken on-the-spot. Although the owner Johann wasn’t there everything went well.

Garry’s measurements were taken

After more than 2 weeks from the time of Garry’s first appointment, we went back to JE&Co. and had his 1st fitting. Our schedule was supposed to be around 5PM but at that time the shop was filled with clients and 2 people were entertained first before us. Thankfully though we were not in a hurry and we waited for an hour before Garry would be called to do his fitting. We know that December is a peak season for things like this so we already anticipated it but we didn’t feel bad about waiting since from our first  During that time we made sure that during his fitting, Johann will be there. It was a tip that we got from a wawie sister who also got them for her fiance’s fitting. We took note of everything that we need to make sure during the fitting and since I’m forbidden to see Garry’s suit, I let our Man of Honor, Ethel to assist him during his fittings. In order for Garry to check the details of his suit and pants, I instructed Ethel to take lots of photos and videos just like what I did with my own fittings.

1ST FITTING. Garry’s suit is almost done and all throughout his fitting, Johann was there to supervise to see what’s good and what’s not

So far Garry was satisfied with his fittings although there were adjustments and alterations to be done like with his suit’s arm length and sa waist part. What was interesting was when there was an adjustment needed to be done on the coat’s left arm, within an hour it was quickly fixed while we were waiting and Johann made sure that it will perfectly fit Garry.

Mr Johann (right photo in black shirt) was assisting Garry to check his suit’s fitting.

Overall Garry had 2 fittings only, where the last one was done when we were about to get the suit. We even met a co-wawie in the shop, Maan and her fiance Jay who also had a schedule with them. Unfortunately, they don’t deliver suits to the Hotels for their clients just like with my wedding gown so you need to allot a day to get it from them.

The happy Groom. Garry with Mr Johann, owner of JE&Co.

The fittings were okay but unfortunately, Garry’s suit was finished 2 days before the wedding due to some alterations. So the last time we went there for his last fitting to ensure that everything is perfectly fine was last Dec 21 and we went home at past 11 PM already.  We should’ve been there earlier to get his suit but due to our tight schedule, we had our schedule moved for a few hours past 7PM since there Johann also left earlier before our scheduled appointment for some outside errand. But anyway even if we had no choice but to wait, Garry’s suit was finished.

Garry prefers his suit in an off-white color with a black shawl lapel. Photo by Myio Okamoto
The Groom wearing his bespoke JE&Co. suit

On the day of the wedding, Garry’s suit fits him perfectly. Our family, friends and guests commented on how sleek the suit was made and it really fits his body. I’m not that knowledgeable about suits but when I saw him, I really found it nice.


I’ve seen him in suits before but this one really accentuated his body frame especially his shoulders. Pulidong-pulido yung pagkakatahi. Garry really was one happy kid wearing his suit and quality used was great!


  • Appointment with fitting schedule is flexible. They are open from 10AM in the morning until 7PM but they can still accommodate fittings even after 8PM just like what happened to us.
  • The rate for the groom’s suit was a little bit expensive as compared to other suit makers but for the quality of the suit, ok pa din.
  • The suit done was sleek and it was well done. Pulido yung pagkakatahi at wala kami nakita na hindi okay especially when Garry was wearing it. The suit really fits him perfectly.


  • Garry’s suit was finished 2 days before the wedding due to alterations. So the last time we went there for his last fitting to ensure that everything is perfectly fine was last Dec 21 (2 days before the wedding) and we went home at past 11 PM already.


  1. When meeting with your potential Groom’s Suit designer/tailor/maker, be sure to bring your pegs so you can discuss openly what you want and the materials that is suitable for that design. Even if you are not knowledgeable enough with suits or barong, it is highly recommended to research the  basic technicalities that you need to know.
  2. When having your fittings, be sure that Johann is there. When you try your pants, try to walk around and sit down to check if okay yung pagkatahi ng pants at sakto sa thighs and butt. Same thing with the suit if okay yung arm length niya and hindi masikip sa shoulder, chest and arms. Everything should feel comfortable lalu na when you close your suit. Hindi dapat ipit ang tyan.
  3. Always inform your Groom’s Suit designer/tailor/maker if you feel like you need change your schedule for a meeting or fitting so you won’t have any problem later on.

JE&Co. Haberdashery
Mr. Johann Ebarle
FB: JE&Co. Haberdashery or call +63 2 9890351


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  1. Raisa says:

    Can you give me their price range?

    1. Hi Raisa. JE&Co.’s rates would start from Php 15,000 and up depending on what you want to have. This was 2016. Generally, rates would differ depending on style, number of pieces (1 piece/2 pieces set/3 pieces set), materials etc. I would suggest to book an appointment with them.

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