Even from the start, everything about our wedding was customized to what we want even to the smallest detail. So when we were finalizing our details regarding our wedding accessories, we decided to get a supplier who would create the best possible one that would fit our wedding theme. Below is our review for our wedding accessories provider — BEADYBEADZ PERSONALIZED WEDDING CORD

  • Supplier Rating: 5/5
  • Mode of Communication: FB Chat
  • Contact Person: Ms Joan Zacate
Our personalized wedding cord by Beadybeadz (except the earring). Photo by Myio Okamoto.

For the duration of our wedding, this is the detail that we really forgot. Even if we have been so OC with the other details of our wedding, Garry and I just realized that we didn’t have any candles, bible, pillows or wedding cord a less than 15 days before our wedding! Initially I already have these as part of my bridal package with Mel, but after seeing how plain-looking it was, we felt we needed a different one that’ll suit our theme! Sayang naman yung effort sa ibang details of the wedding then when it comes sa arrhae, pillows, candles, wedding cord, etc it would look very plain and dull looking lang! So without wasting any more time, I quickly checked the waw group to see any possible wedding accessories supplier that could provide us with what we need on a very limited time! I was able to contact around 3 suppliers that have a good portfolio on FB and generally has relevant feedback as well from their past clients but all of them informed me that they’re already fully booked and that they’re not accepting any more. And then I even thought of DIYing it, but our schedule was so tight that there’s no single day when December started that we are free to do things other than supplier meetings, wedding detailing, fittings, wedding guest meet ups, etc. The tension is everywhere!

But then thankfully, Beadybeadz told us on December 8 that they can still accommodate me and luckily, we can still avail of their December 2016 promo! God is indeed great! What’s more interesting is that when I checked their portfolio, Ms Joan, the owner is also a wedding coordinator herself and she just do this as a hobby. Plus, I just recently found out that she did the wedding accessories of one of our friend’s here in Kuwait who just got married also based from the photos that she posted on her FB account. From that, we immediately decided to settle the payments on December 9 and paid 50% of the balance through BDO online bank transfer. Our personalized package included the following — wedding cord made of German crystals, letter names and vintage links, sponsor candles, offertory candles, treasure box, arrhae, extra letter names, free bracelet and free delivery. She also informed us that we will get the photos of the accessories 1-2 weeks before the wedding and it will be delivered at least 3 days before the event.

Our personalized wedding cord made of black and red German Crystals and gold vintage links that fits our Spanish Vintage Glam wedding theme
(L-R) Arrhae, Wedding Cord, Rosary bracelet, Offertory candles, Treasure box/Ring Box and Secondary Sponsor candles

Probably because it’s December, we were only able to get the photos of the wedding accessories by December 20 but then everything looked okay and I informed her to deliver the items to the Hotel.

The Grab Express that delivered our items the night before the wedding

It was delivered by Grab express the night before the wedding and we got the items in good condition at the lobby the night before the wedding. The items were all okay just as how it looked like in the photos that she sent us.

During the ceremony with our personalized wedding cord. Photo by Myio Okamoto

And with our good experience with Beadybeadz, I, of course recommended her service to my other bride friends who also got them for their wedding cord needs.


  • Joan is very easy to deal with, professional and would reply promptly about the details of the order. The transaction was very smooth and fast.
  • The products were delivered just right on time and they’re all in good shape inside a plastic wrap bubble to ensure that the product won’t be damaged during the process of the delivery.


  • She only gave us photos of the wedding accessories 3 days before the wedding but we felt that maybe she was busy. Anyway, this still didn’t affect our rating for her services.

**Tip!** Before ordering, be sure to double check your wedding accessories provider’s portfolio. And when you order, send sample photos of their previous works that you want as your peg for your own personalized wedding accessories so the communication will be smooth. 

Beadybeadz Personalized Wedding Cord
FB: Beadybeadz Personalized Wedding Cord


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