Wedding Supplier Review: NEONOVELTIES Invitations

We have emphasized before from our previous posts that Wedding Invitations can be a great gauge for your guests to know what to expect from your wedding in general. So we decided to give importance to our invitation by getting the best possible yet affordable wedding invitations supplier and by chance, we found — NEONOVELTIES.

GA Wedding Invitation. Photo by Myio Okamoto
  • Supplier Rating: 4.75/5
  • Mode of Communication: Viber, Email
  • Contact Person: Ms Leslie Corro-Famaranglas

People think that wedding invitations are just a set of paper and a minor detail during the wedding preparation. But, this set of paper is as important as the others since this contains all your necessary wedding details that not only gives accurate information about your event’s date, time, location, list of entourage etc but couples should realize that a great wedding invitation gives a good (and important)
impression for all the guests about what to expect on the day itself. Here, the key term to remember is “good impression.”

Our working budget for our initial invitation was a simple paper with no design that can be bought at Php 30 or below per set. But during our research, we were able to gather a list of reputable Invitations Suppliers that can be found HERE. The problem is, their rates differ extensively! We thought — they’re just using probably the same paper but why do one supplier costs Php 500++ for one set while the other only costs Php 50 per set?! Then we learned after talking to a couple of suppliers that a lot of techniques, design and styles can make or break the rates for each set. Plus the add-ons as well like wax seal, brooch, lace, delivery fees etc. When I went back to Manila last December 2015, the time we were slowly finalizing our wedding suppliers we checked a couple of invites suppliers personally and saw that paper used from one set to another can be different. If you want a more affordable set that ranges from Php 50 below, do not expect high quality paper and print. Definitely no gold foils or letterpress technique for example. But, if you want your invites to be made from all gold foils using real high quality thick paper, then expect to shed around Php 100++ per set. And since we’re on a budget, finding the right supplier for us who can make it possible without breaking the bank is really, really tricky.

And then..we found Neonovelties by accident around February 2016. I was checking past wedding photos from our shortlisted photographers when I found this neat looking invitation that does gold foil technique. We immediately checked their contact info and saw their first ever post on IG — and they’re on promo! From then on, we started to communicate with Leslie, the owner and she explained that she’s new in making wedding invitations and does only for friends. We told her that we’re interested (with the promo and all) and was glad enough to know that she also does gold foil on a more affordable rate. From that time, our client-supplier relationship started. But it took a few months before we started our invites since we got busy with work.

We created our Viber group on the month that we started to do our invitations (September 2016) because we’re both overseas and we found it more accessible for everyone. Leslie’s  team can also do the layout since it comes free with our package but since Garry and I have our specific wedding theme and style in mind, Garry preferred to give Leslie the detailed layout on what to do with the invitations.

Draft of the invitation that Neonovelties did. Here, we’re still checking which paper material is okay to use, style of calligraphy for the names and the design of the invite.
Final Invitation. Photo by Go Art Production

Garry was the brain of our invitation’s design concept, Leslie meticulously applied what is best for the design suite while I, was assigned with the budget details. To make things easy for everyone, for example, Garry would make a sample peg for what he has in mind and sends a visual copy to Leslie and she will do all the work like doing the final layout, printing, selection of the best possible materials to be used and suggests openly for good recommendations.

Working with Leslie is a breath of fresh air (sabi ni Garry). Why? Because she is the type of supplier that is very open to ideas and at the same time would suggest what she thinks is best for the output of the product. She’s so easy to deal with and if she makes a mistake, would admit it honestly and make some effort para makabawi! We were also appreciative of her effort to extend her help in delivering our wedding invitations to our guests when it was done since it’s difficult for us to do that overseas.

Our personalized door knob sign. Layout by us. Printing and sculpting by Neonovelties
unplugged wedding
Our Unplugged Wedding Banner since we wanted a more solemn wedding ceremony
Final Product. Place cards and Souvenir Tags. Photo taken by one of the guests during the reception.
Our Welcome banner placed in our reception. Layout by us. Printing by Neonovelties. Easel stand by Gary Dacanay.
Our Artist Canvass printed on 3mm sintra board that we displayed using easel stands. Artist canvass printed by Neonovelties, Easel stands borrowed from Gary Dacanay

Overall, Leslie’s team made our wedding invitation elegantly beautiful! She was also very accommodating to the point that she’s really open to try new things, like for example –when we asked her to do our customized big Female Principal Sponsor /Ninang boxes to fit our leather bags that she has never done before, souvenir tags, calligraphic guest place cards, door knob signs for the wedding, unplugged banners and artist canvass banners of our prenup photos to be displayed during the reception that was done in a short notice!

Our Bearer’s banner. Layout by Garry and printed by Neonovelties
During the ceremony. Photo by Myio Okamoto

Even with the minor issues, we just love Neonovelties for making our vision come to life! ❤️❤️❤️


  • They can do an invitation set within a minimum allotted time of 2 months if the layout and design is already finalized.
  • Leslie really listens to what we want with our invitations, is open to suggestions, would honestly admit if she/her staff makes mistakes and would exert effort to correct it. We are detailed with what we want so it’s important for us that our supplier would try to make a connection with us to make what we envision become a reality and that’s what she did with all our requests.
  • Leslie is open to new projects (creating door knob signs for example) and that’s a plus for us.
  • She was able to help us make our artist canvass (3 prenup photos printed on sintra boards) to be displayed during our reception within a 5 days short notice.


  • There were a couple of misspelled names with the invitation and place cards.


**Tip!** For easier, faster and much clear transaction, put all your pegs into paper/pdf file/collage. If you don’t know how to use photoshop/collage app, i-drawing niyo sa paper. Mas madali maintindihan ng supplier mo kung ano ang gusto niyo mangyari sa design ng invites niyo kasi visually naipakita niyo yung gusto niyo. 

**Tip!** Put all the names of all your intended guests na papadalhan ng invitation, kasama sa invitation etc so it will be easier for you and your supplier to double check kung may kulang, wrong spelling etc. Put them all in a word file/excel sheet or kahit isulat niyo sa paper.

What we learned so far, “kung gusto niyo sumunod ang mga guests niyo sa wedding theme niyo, for example, with the attire if formal or not, then be sure to put that in the invitation. Let them feel that your wedding is as formal as you like it to be.” Trust us, if you restrict them from wearing jeans, slippers, shirts — they will follow, but make sure you do that initially using your Wedding Invitation.


Leslie Corro-Famaranglas
FB and IG: Neonovelties

2 Comments Add yours

  1. kristel says:

    hi aiki,
    been following your blod and reviews, may i know how much mo nakuha ang neonovelties all in all from the invites, to the doorknob signage and place cards. as in super love their work because of you😍😍😍
    thank you so much

    1. Hi Kristel. Thanks! Sa naalala ko ung invites around Php 100-160 per set since all gold foil siya, may calligraphy, customized envelope with two tone border, plastic seal and wax seal na siya. Yung door knob size around Php 200-250 each ang range, since sa amin layout, printing sa kanila. Yung place card kasi per nasa Php 15-18 pesos per piece range sis it’s calligraphy. Depend kasi price range sa style and number of orders, better have your quotation made for you na lang.

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