2016 WAW Top 10 Wedding Suppliers

It’s really interesting to note that ever since we started our wedding planning, everytime we get to know good feedback from real life couples who got the same suppliers that we did, we always feel proud and more excited to see their output for our wedding. What moe knowing that your booked suppliers are the best in the country? On a yearly basis, Weddings at Work (W@W) presents its Top 10 Wedding Suppliers Award to the best in the Philippine wedding industry that has been nominated by real-life couples, who are of course member of the W@W community. This annual W@Wie Awards has huge names on its previous list like Jason Magbanua, Veluz, etc.

For 2016, we’re so thrilled to know that 3 of our wedding suppliers made the cut: Mel Orlina Couture, Imbitado Events and Vidlens Productions! Now, we can’t wait who will be on the Top 3 and who will win this year’s W@Wie Awards to be held on Nov 18, 2016!



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