Prenup Supplier Review: Toni Aviles HMUA

Supplier Rating:
Package inclusions: Airbrush and unlimited look for the couple

1st layout. Photo credit from Toni Aviles during our HMUA session


Toni was just exceptional with his craft! From the time I saw his IG works of his former brides, I knew I had to get Toni and thankfully he was still available for our hot-peak-season-date! We booked him for our wedding and added the Airbrush prenup services even without doing the trial makeup because I just had this this-is-it feeling that he would be doing great and he exceeded our expectation!

Working with Toni wouldn’t make you feel that he’s just doing his job but the term “unlimited retouch” – dun namin kay Toni naranasan yun. Just like our prenup stylist Jeff, Toni arrived really early at around 8AM (our call time is at 9AM) with 1 hair stylist. When we arrived, everything was already set, with all of Toni’s full make up set, lights and chair already in place.. ready for work! What I observed about Toni when we started the make-up session was he would really try to get to know his client and make you feel comfortable. Toni’s quite chatty but not the annoying type. Instead, as the time goes on, you would feel like you found a new friend in Toni. He was also very hygienic and meticulous with his work, which is one of my major factors when choosing a makeup artist. I’m actually keen with brushes and the brands of make-up used since my derma specifically told me that I can only use non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic make-up on my face. Specifically Toni uses brands that ranges from MAC, Sephora, Lancome, L’Oreal etc. You’ll also know the brushes that he use were really clean because of the strands and everything smells good. When the make-up was applied, it is really obvious na hindi tinipid. I also have to emphasize that Toni fixed my eyebrows when she noticed it wasn’t trimmed properly! Yes, eyebrows are very important since it gives life to the face!

Toni was very open with suggestions and would recommend the right hair color he thinks would suit the client depending on preference. He was friendly and professional at the same time. Also, he would always double check (even triple check) our look if it’s flawless, not missing a single hair out of place and would take a couple turn of photos before he would let us out of the make-up room to be sure that everything’s perfect.

Toni was retouching my hair and make-up for our 3rd layout making sure everything is in place

For the duration of the shoot, Toni never left our side from the time that we came to the venue until our last photo (4th layout) with them to wrap things up. Toni wasn’t only an HMUA on that day but he actually became an instant personal assistant! Grabe ang alaga! Even if Benjie, our photographer was directing us to do our poses in front of the camera, Toni would still talk to us in a very friendly way (you’d feel like matagal na kayo friends) how to bring our inner diyosa (goddess) and to always make sure that our hair and makeup is really flawless. Plus factor din na ma chika siya, naka lessen ng kaba. Toni would really make you feel like you’re the most beautiful creature on that day and that’s how we felt! Super worth every penny when we got their services and even after the shoot, we felt we found a new friend in Toni.

4th layout. Outfit and accessories provided by Jeff Galang


  • The hair stylist (Toni’s staff) was having difficulty with fixing Garry’s hair so he ended up doing it on his own. She was assisting him on putting on some spray net but even though that happened it was still manageable.

Toni Aviles
FB: Toni Aviles and the Glam Team


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