Prenup Supplier Review: Benjie Tiongco Photography

Photo Prenup Photographer: BENJIE TIONGCO 
Supplier Rating: 5/5 
Package inclusions:
AVP slideshow, USB with all the raw and edited files and Album

Our stunning 2nd layout. Wearing this kind of outfit would make my parents gasp but Benjie made sure that we would look elegant yet seductive all at the same time!

** There will be an update with the rating soon because of something we failed to see only after checking the USB files and photos after the honeymoon. **


I really like his editorial style of shooting which exudes elegance and suave so when we got engaged I quickly asked about his current rates but was so disappointed to find out that he was beyond our budget. We are a budget couple so everything should be within our budget. But one thing we learned from this wedding planning preps, if you really can’t sleep for weeks because you know in your heart you really wanted that supplier, go for it!

We actually regret it when we found out later on after a couple of budget re-adjustments and consideration that he wasn’t available anymore for our wedding date..and it was our first wedding preps heartbreak! So we decided without a heartbeat push through to get him for our prenup/engagement shoot instead when we found out he’s available for our target date and it was definitely one of the best decisions that we did! We didn’t only experience how it was working with the pros but Benjie himself was so maalaga to the point that he would really make us feel comfortable in front of the camera by teaching us kung paano mag pose and mag project properly sa harap ng camera by accentuating yung magandang features namin na hindi kami magiging awkward-looking sa photos. Since we are both based overseas, we met Benjie through skype and discussed the details of the prenup shoot. He would really get to know the couple and ask us what we envision for our prenup. Since we already have a prepared theme in mind, it was quite easy for him to understand what we wanted. He even researched and recommended places he felt would give justice to what we want. Everything was smoothly arranged, since his team was very organized and would reply back promptly if we have questions.

He would really try all kinds of things to get the shot that he wants

Benjie would also suggest locations until we ended up within Manila area since it’s already out of our budget if we’ll push through with our other venue options that’s within our theme of Spanish Vintage Glam. Also, after knowing the theme of our shoot, he recommended a stylist whom he knows would work well with what we really wanted and that’s how we were able to decide to get Jeff.

He made us climb a wall to get the shot that he wants which was interesting and something that we didn’t expect to be doing while wearing our outfit

On the shoot itself, Benjie and his team were right on time from 1.00 PM until 7.30 PM where we finished 4 layouts. In between takes, I would remember that he would always ask us if we’re still okay since the poses that is needed for the shoot were actually too tiring if it’s your first time and if we can still push through with the rest of the layouts to get more shots. You would really feel his concern because standing on 5 inches heels and posing like a mannequin for hours is not easy!

Behind-the-scene shot during the 4th layout.. around past 6PM already!

At first, you would really feel a bit intimidated when you get to meet him personally because Benjie Tiongco is already a known and featured wedding photographer in the Philippine Wedding Industry. His works really speaks for what he can do! He has a couple of celebrity stints under his name so working with him would make you feel like a celebrity doing a shoot! He was such a pro!

Our 1st layout. If you look at it, we’re just simply sitting and leaning on the floor but Benjie made the photo look CLASSY!

The output itself that was played during our wedding reception was how we expected it to be — the photos were just incredible! He even used the music we requested for the AVP so that’s another plus! Overall, we’re simply just in awe watching our prenup AVP on our reception day and people were still gushing over it how classy and sexy it was!

Our 3rd layout


All were manageable and it doesn’t affect our final rating.

  • The only issue I remember that made me worried was the delivery of the final product (USB and album) since their courier DHL have issues in one of their locations since they said it was peak season but Ms Cha, his secretary, was quick enough to coordinate with us the new location for the delivery of the product the night before our wedding.
  • Also my fiance noticed during our honeymoon when we were checking the photos in the USB that some of the final edited photos (5 pcs if I’m not mistaken) needed to be re-edited because there’s this photo where his light man is still seen in the background for example, but it was manageable since we can do minimal editing.
(L-R) BT staff, Benjie Tiongco, Garry, Aiki, Toni Aviles, Jeff Galang and BT staff 

Benjie Tiongco Photography
FB: Benjie Tiongco Photography

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