PreNup Stylists

Credit from Lovethisdayevents

Great styling is certainly a must when it comes to pictorial and/or video shoots. This shows the fashion statement of the subject – the couple – using different types of looks depending on the preferred theme. The esesh style concept can be either fierce, romantic, funny, formal, simple, country, creative, rustic, sporty, cosmo etc During our preps, we of course couldn’t help but wonder if we can push through in getting a prenup stylist. But – it will of course depend whether our budget would allow. So..we’ll see.

Anyway to help you out, below is a list of our short listed celebrity Prenup stylists and their current rates. You can check their FB, IG and official sites to know more about their portfolio and recent works. OOT fee is not included in the packages below but for more info, better contact them directly.


  • Dream Catcher: Php 8,000 (with OTD stylists/props)
  • Lover’s Lane: Php 9,500 (with OTD stylists/props/HMUA)
  • Flowerbeds & Sunshine: Php 16,000 (with clothes rental/OTD stylists/props)


Doesn’t give discounts as per experience

  • Bronze Package: Php 10,000
  • Silver Package: Php 18,000 (with clothes rental)
  • Gold Package: Php 25,000 (with clothes rental/OTD stylist)


  • Php 13,000 (with clothes rental/OTD stylist)
  • Php 16,000 (with clothes rental/shoes rental/OTD stylist/props/HMUA)
  • Php 20,000 (with clothes rental/OTD stylist/props/production design/HMUA)


  • Package One: Php 24,800 (with clothes rental/OTD stylist/concept)
  • Package Two: Php 44,800 (with clothes rental/OTD stylist/props/concept/prod design)
  • Package Three: Php 74,800 (with clothes rental/OTD stylist/props/concept/prod design/HMUA)


  • Basic: Php 10,000 (with clothes rental/OTD stylist)
  • Deluxe: Php 20,000 (with clothes rental/OTD stylist/props/concept)
  • Supreme: Php 32,000  (with clothes rental/OTD stylist/props/concept/prod design)
  • Premium: Php 42,000  (with clothes rental/OTD stylist/props/concept/prod design)


  • Php 8,500 (with clothes rental/shoes rental/OTD stylist)
  • Php 14,000 (with clothes rental/shoes rental/OTD stylist/props/production design)
  • Php 18,000 (with clothes rental/shoes rental/OTD stylist/props/production design)
  • Php 33,000 (with clothes rental/shoes rental/OTD stylist/props/production design/HMUA)


  • Giselle: Php 7,000  (with OTD stylist)
  • Victoria: Php 12,000  (with clothes rental/OTD stylist)
  • Kate: Php 18,000 (with clothes rental/OTD stylist/props/production design)

6 thoughts on “PreNup Stylists

  1. Hi! I stumbled upon your blog while having my research for my 2018 wedding and this is really helpful! Thank you!!! a huge help for me! It only shows how you really enjoyed the wedding preps, thinking that you were an overseas bride. 🙂 God bless you more. 🙂


    1. Hi MommyBear. Thanks for appreciating our blog! Yes we really enjoyed everything and even 4 months after the wedding we still have a wedding high 🙂 I do hope the info in our blog will be useful to you own wedding preparation. God bless you too! 🙂


  2. saw this review and totoo with TPC. yung mga damit nila mabaho and lahat madumi. yung mga shoes sira and luma tapos lahat size 6 pa. sobrang unprofessional nila. ang laki nila mag charge pero lahat ng damit forever 21 lang or yung mga damit nasuot na sa previous shoot. and kahit nagbigay ka na ng size mo, ibang size pa din dala. tatahiin lang nila yung likod mo. sometimes bukas pa. nakaka degrade. ang daming madami na stylist na professional. hindi kasi nag rereview mga tao. nakakatakas palagi TPC kasi one time work lang naman.


    1. Thanks for this feedback Anna. I’m sorry that happened to you. From your comment I assumed you were a former client and got them for your prenup? Would you recommend them ba? We only shortlisted them before and we thought their rates were really expensive as compared to other more known stylists.


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