Things to ask your Caterer


Wedding are usually remembered for two things: overall look of the venue and good food. Yes — the delicious, sumptuous, over flowing food with a lot of variety that was presented well for all of the guests to enjoy! Add the alcohol too on the side and the lechon, especially for Filipino weddings in particular. But generally, how the food was presented, how it tasted and how it was served during the wedding reception will definitely be remembered by everyone who was there at your big day..forever. So, this supplier should be at your top most priority. Like, really!

  • name
  • date of event
  • time of event
  • number of possible guests
  • contact information (email, mobile #, viber # etc)
  • tell where you found out about them (optional, but this is good especially if you’re going to haggle for possible discounts later on due to referrals

NOTE: Most of the questions here are also applicable during your Final Detailing especially if you forgot to cover these aspect during your initial inquiry or food tasting

During inquiry ask your Caterer about…

  • Stand-alone rates (direct quote from them) VS venue with caterer package rates (only with their accredited venues)
  • list of accredited venues
  • list of Menu choices
  • inclusions of the package
    • with styling?
    • with cake?
    • with dove?
    • with personalized note cards for guests to write?
    • with bridal car?
    • with sound system?
    • with cocktail food?
    • with welcome drinks?
  • service charge
  • VAT
  • OOT fee (if not Manila based)
  • ingress and egress time for setup
  • total number of staff on the reception day
  • total number of food tasting schedule and meetings (after confirmed booking)
  • preferred means of communication (especially for overseas couples)
  • corkage fees, if applicable
  • if lechon, alcoholic beverage etc will be allowed without corkage
  • contract details
    • package upgrade
    • package downgrade
    • cancellation
    • refunds
    • non-refundable deposits
  • restrictions and limitations
  • discount, promo, bridal fair schedules etc that you can avail
  • food tasting events that they are included
  • payment terms (full payment or cash)
  • preferred payment type (cash, remittance or through bank deposit)
  • assigned Event Specialist (ES) or Accounts Executive (AE)’s profile
  • waiter tips/amount etc
  • waiter/ food server’s attire on the wedding day
  • types of linen, utensils, platforms, tables, chairs etc to be used
  • other supplier recommendations if there is any


  1. You can check our short listed Wedding Caterers here together with their rates to help you source our reputable Suppliers.
  2. Your chosen venue should be accredited with your chosen caterer so you won’t need to pay corkage fees minimum of Php 15,000 and up.
  3. Ask if they will issue official receipt or not as proof of payment. 

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