Things to ask your Groom’s Suit Designer

Aside from the bride, the groom is also the star of the night which some people would really forget. With this fact being  emphasized, he should also be treated well especially with the type of outfit that he’ll be wearing on his wedding day. Besides he’s also getting married to the love of his life!

  • name
  • date of event
  • tentative location
  • contact information (email, mobile #, viber # etc)
  • tell where you found out about them (optional, but this is good especially if you’re going to haggle for possible discounts later on due to referrals)

During initial inquiry ask your Groom’s Suit Couture or Designer about…

  • Groom’s suit rates (tuxedo, coat/pants or barong)
  • inclusion of the package
    • with pants?
    • with necktie or bowtie for suits/tuxedo?
    • with inner shirt?
    • with cummerband, if needed?
  • recommended type of fabric for the chosen suit peg
  • contract details (package upgrade, package downgrade, cancellation etc)
  • lead time for the creation of the suit (usually around 3-4 weeks standard)
  • total number of fittings
  • preferred means of communication (especially for overseas couples) like email, viber, FB, skype etc
  • measurement updates (for overseas brides)
  • security deposits if there is any
  • payment terms (full payment or cash)
  • preferred payment type (cash, remittance or through bank deposit)
  • freebie, promo or discount if you booked them durinh Bridal Fairs
  • discount if they will make your Father’s and entourage suits/barongs
  • tentative delivery date of the suit/barong
  • other supplier recommendations like Stylist, Video team, HMUA, coordinator etc

**Tip!** Be sure you have your desired peg (at least 3) and BE SPECIFIC with what you like. From this, your desired would know the possible range of your suit/barong.


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