DIY: Save The Date Video 2

During our wedding preps, everything was on a tight budget. From our major suppliers until down to the very smallest detail, everything was accounted for. And like any other couple, we, of course wanted everyone to be reminded of our special day but not to the extent of printing save the date cards and sending them out to our guests. They’re good, no offense, but for us it’s pretty much redundant already since we already planned to give out our official formal wedding invites. Plus, the printing and shipping would cost us a few thousand that we felt would be better off with our invites or some other important wedding supplier. Besides, we don’t want to jump on the bandwagon. We wanted to be unique. We wanted to showcase who we are as a couple. So..what better way to present it was through our passion — photography and videography!

But then, since we already saw a couple of people doing DIY photoshoots already, we decided why not do our own video? Since we haven’t seen a lot of couples do it on their own. The first DIY SAVE THE DATE / ENGAGEMENT VIDEO that we did was way back in DECEMBER 2015. You can check the link HERE. We posted that exactly 1 year before our wedding. And since we still had enough time, we thought why not do another one with a different concept?

And this, we did on the first quarter of 2016 and was posted on JULY 2016, exactly 6 months before our wedding to remind our guests about our special day. This second DIY video was more of a documentary type which shows what we normally do here in Kuwait, which we felt would be nice to show to our family and friends back home. Again, it’s just me and Garry with our baby Nikon cam and his iphone. 🙂


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