GA vidlens aerial shot

This was a long overdue review because we’ve been waiting for our final wedding film to arrive (after 2 revisions). Although our long wait was over, Brian and his team still exceeded our expectations! Below is our supplier review for our wedding Videographer — VIDLENS PRODUCTIONS

  • Supplier Rating: 5/5
  • Mode of Communication: FB Chat, Email
  • Contact Person: Brian Carambas
  • Package: Ideal wedding package

During our wedding preparations, we made it a point not to scrimp on our photos and videos. But it still doesn’t mean that we’ll spend more than what we can afford since we’re still on a tight budget. Among our wedding suppliers, it actually took us 3 months of watching tons of wedding SDEs and Prenup videos while stalking FB pages of video teams to finally decide who will capture our big day. Between the two of us, Garry was more inclined with the technicalities of video editing, musical scoring, scene transitions and so on since he was the one who did our two DIY Save the Date videos here. Unlike in my case, where I only care about the emotions. Simply put, just as long as my emotions were captured, I’m already good with it! Ideally, what Garry wanted was a video team whose work definitely speaks for themselves, not just because they are well-known or who have celebrities as past clients. He wanted a video team that would showcase our real love story through the lens, hence connecting with our hashtag #OurLoveStoReal and that would still fit our budget. Since we capped off our budget to not more than 50K with aerial shot, our hopes of finding The One seemed like a blur! More so, since we wanted a team whose work is at par with the great names of famous and expensive wedding videographers in the country like Cinemaworks, Jason Magbanua, and Mayad!

With our long list of shortlisted videographers with their rates that we did HERE, one underrated video team captured our interest because of their sincere and heartfelt work. Aside from offering very affordable packages, it was also interesting to know that the owner, Brian, works as a Video Editor at one of the top multimedia companies in the country. Talking about technical experience, Vidlens already had another check on our list. More so, when we were able to meet Brian through video call to discuss the details of our Prenup session which we had a separate review HERE we felt that he was really humble amidst their talent and there was an instant connection because of his friendly personality.


On the wedding day itself, Brian and his team arrived earlier than scheduled and immediately started to take shots since we were already doing our preps. We noticed that they split themselves into different groups (Garry and I were in different rooms) to capture all the necessary shots for the event. They also flawlessly connected with our Coordinator (Imbitado) and Photographer (Myio) who happened to be Brian’s suppliers from his own wedding a few months earlier. The vibe was really fun and we personally felt comfortable being surrounded by our new found friends! Vidlens Candid and heartfelt shots perfectly captured our special moments which complimented well with Myio’s style.

GA with brian carambas
Garry and Aiki with Brian Carambas, the owner of Vidlens Productions

Everything ran smoothly and we never had a problem with Brian or the team. As per the contract, they perfectly managed to show our Same Day Edit during our reception and we gave him our Hard disk to transfer all the files (RAW and edited Same Day Edit video).

We actually got our final wedding video after 8 months but due to certain revisions that we wanted, we requested for a revised one and got it only recently.


  • Their rates were really affordable for the packages that they offer. Work wise, they’re punctual, friendly and polite.
  • During our booking, they upgraded us to include aerial shots which was an optional add-on with other video teams. Kung sa iba mag add ka pa ng Php 5,000++ just for the aerial shots, sa kanila free na.
  • Communication is a huge plus for us since we are both based overseas and we wanted to be comfortable when working with our video team. We also felt that they would really get to know the couple and would try their best to personalize everything according to the couple’s preferences, personality, requests and wedding theme/vibe.
  • What really made us book them other than their budget-friendly rates is the quality of their work. With the owner’s extensive experience as a video editor, no doubt they were able to give a fantastic prenup and wedding video that were definitely worth every penny! For us, Vidlens’ work is comparable to other known famous video teams whose rates were twice expensive! They are an underrated gem that people must watch out for!


Can’t think of any because we felt we made one of the best decisions for our wedding. Even after the wedding, we were fortunate enough to establish a good connection with them.


  • Book ahead of time because their slot seemed to get easily filled up lately. They only work 1-2 weddings per week or depends on the availability since Brian, the owner also has a full-time job as a video editor of a major TV network.
  • Make sure to communicate with them thoroughly and tell them your preferences for your video like storyline, music, transitions, effects, style, shots etc. The more detailed you are, the better.
  • We strongly advise to meet with them personally or through video chat if your schedule won’t permit to establish a connection with them and finalize all the details.
  • If you need revisions, inform them ASAP but try to understand that they also have a timeline when editing, revising and posting videos.
  • Bring a blank Hard Disk so they could transfer all the raw and edited videos of the wedding.

VIDLENS by Brian Carambas
FB: Vidlens Productions


9 Comments Add yours

  1. Jessica says:

    Hi there! I’m a foreigner planning a wedding in Manila for 2019 and I just feel the need to thank you for this website. You have so much information that I could use. The perfect resource for an overwhelmed bride-to-be like me who’s planning a wedding from miles away! Thanks sooo much! I’m sure there’s many of us that appreciate this.

    1. Garry & Aiki says:

      Hi Jessica. Thank you for the kind words and we’re happy that we were able to help you out in your wedding planning! It always melts our hearts whenever we read these kinds of comments here. Anyway feel free to ask if you need more information. Have fun! 😊

    2. Karla Wilson says:

      Yes, the site is beautiful! I was given a lot of advice and support! I am very worried about how the event will take place, although I was recommended to the company where I turned as one of the best since this is my first wedding and I hope the last one (haha), I still will not get anywhere from anxiety. Not yet with all the details decided

      1. Garry & Aiki says:

        Hi Karla. If you mean that our site is beautiful, thanks!

    3. sophiakarla says:

      Yes, the site is beautiful! I was given a lot of advice and support! I am very worried about how the event will take place, although I was recommended to the company where I turned as one of the best since this is my first wedding and I hope the last one (haha), I still will not get anywhere from anxiety. Not yet with all the details decided

  2. Analyn Simangan says:

    Hi to all! Am planning a wedding o month augost2019. Is somebody help me to find for wedding planner?

    1. Garry & Aiki says:

      Hi Analyn. You can use this link for the list of our shortlisted wedding planners

    2. Charmaine Gacita says:

      Hi, i am currently planning my wedding and your blog has been very helpful. I just wanna ask why you had revision with your video? I didnt know it’s possible hehe

      1. Garry & Aiki says:

        Hi Charmaine. Thanks for appreciating our blog. Well we decided to have a revision with our full video because we weren’t satisfied with some minor details and we wanted to include some shots. It’s possible naman but be sure to check your contract first because usually you are only allowed for 1 revision and after that may bayad na. Some video teams naman ask for revision fee around 5K and up or depende sa reputation nila. Always check the contents of your contract. For more tips you can check this post here and this Thankfully walang revision limit and revision fee ang video team which is Vidlens. Super friendly pa ng owner and he would really listen sa gusto niyo. Hope we were able to help. Happy preps! 🙂

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