Wedding Venues in Manila

For wedding receptions or even for non-traditional ceremonies, Events Venues have been quite popular lately. It’s probably because of the growing trend of themed-styling which has definitely become an “it” thing. From classical to garden to seasons to rustic to even Games of Thrones, name it you can have it now. Seriously. That’s how fun wedding receptions has become. It’s yummy food combined with awesome decorations — it’s definitely a feast for the eyes! But it doesn’t stop there since this all comes down to making sure you and your fiance have all the monetary means to pay for what you what. Trust me — I am still overwhelmed at how fast their rates have increased in just a span of a few years!

Since we both decided to have our ceremony in a church in Manila, fiance and I searched the whole area of Quezon City and Metro Manila that offered great Events Venues.

Rates posted below are for VENUES ONLY except for the Hotels with packages since they have packages (with accredited Caterer), both AM and PM use is for 2015 to 2016 and is subject to change without notice. (Yes they differ in that and sometimes prices also differ if its a Weekday or Weekend.) They’re listed in a random order and in Philippine pesos denomination (Php).



** Disclaimer: All the rates that are posted below are those that we have gathered over the course of a few months while searching for our suppliers. We have decided to publicly post it here as a useful guide for all Brides-to-be and Grooms-to-be since we know how hard it is to find supplier rates and compare them one-by-one especially for those who are based abroad. The list is not intended for any other purpose and was not even connected with any of them. “Cap” means Capacity.


55 Events Place

  • Scout Rallos St., Brgy. Laging Handa, Quezon City
  • 4-5 Hours Venue only
  • with AC
  • VAT exclusive
  • Lobby (50 cap): Php 20,000
  • Lobby and Garden (80 cap): Php 25,000
  • Ballroom (100 cap): Php 45,000

Elements at Eton Centris

  • Quezon Ave., Quezon City
  • 4-5 Hours Venue only
  • with AC
  • VAT exclusive
  • Prosperity Hall (350 cap): Php 50,000 -95,000
  • Fortune Hall (350 cap): Php 50,000 -95,000
  • Prosperity and Fortune Hall (700 cap): Php 100,000 -190,000

Felicidad Mansion

  • 2 Baler St. cor Roosevelt Ave., San Francisco Del Monte, Quezon City
  • Contact:
  • 4 Hours Venue only
  • with AC
  • Venice (100 cap): Php 45,000-50,000
  • Paris with Pool (150 cap): Php 50,000-65,000
  • Venice and Paris (250 cap): Php 70,000-80,000

Fernwood Gardens

  • Quezon City
  • 5 Hours Venue only
  • with AC
  • VAT exclusive
  • Fernwood Gardens 1 (270 cap): Php 65,000 AM | Php 102,000 PM
  • Courtyard Gardens (200 cap): Php 61,000 AM | Php 94,500 PM
  • Cycad Garden (250 cap): Php 61,000 AM | Php 94,500 PM
  • Coral Tree Garden (300 cap): Php 61,000 AM | Php 102,000 PM

Gazebo Royale Special Events Venue

  • 29 Visayas Ave. Ext., Quezon City
  • Contact:
  • 4-5 Hours Venue only
  • with and w/o*AC
  • they have in-house bridal packages to choose from
  • VAT exclusive
  • Bamboo Grove* (50 cap): Php 18,000-20,000 AM | Php 20,000-22,000 PM
  • Phoenix Hall (200 cap): Php 50,000-55,000 AM | Php 60,000-65,000 PM
  • Champagne Hall (400 cap): Php 80,000-85,000 AM | Php 90,000-98,500 PM

The Glass Garden

  • Block 9 Lot 1 Belfast Ave. Neopolitan Business Park, Fairview, Quezon City
  • Contact:
  • 4-5 Hours Venue only
  • with AC
  • with ceiling drapes
  • VAT exclusive
  • they have in-house bridal packages to choose from
  • Garden Venue Only: Php 95,000-120,000
  • Combined Package 100 cap: Php182,000-239,000
  • Combined Package 150 cap: Php 216,500-285,000

Hanging Gardens Events Venue

  • Block 9 Lot 1 Belfast Ave. Neopolitan Business Park, Fairview, Quezon City
  • Contact:
  • 4-5 Hours Venue only
  • with AC
  • with ceiling drapes
  • VAT exclusive
  • they have in-house bridal packages to choose from
  • Luxembourg/Paris/La Fayette (100-200 cap): Php 65,000-75,000 AM | Php 85,000-95,000 PM
  • Combined Luxembourg/Paris (200-400 cap): Php 130,000-170,000 AM | Php 170,000-190,000 PM
  • Giverny Hall (100 cap): Php 30,000-35,000 AM | Php 35,000-40,000 PM
  • Concorde Hall (100 cap): Php 40,000-45,000 AM | Php 45,000-50,000 PM


  • Contact info: or call + 632 527 3096/9012
  • 4-6 Hours venue only
  • Casa Manila Patio Php 15,000 18,000
  • Casa Blanca Php 25,000 32,000
  • Teatrillo Php 30,000 32,000
  • Puerta Real Gardens Php 30,000 40,000
  • Plaza Moriones Php 35,000 50,000
  • San Diego Gardens Php 30,000 44,000

La Castellana

Look for Mr. Christian, our AE he’s very helpful

  • 657 Cabildo St. Intramuros, Manila
  • Contact: Mr. Christian De Leon /
  • 4 Hours Venue only
  • no AC but with mist coolers
  • no ceiling drapes (if in-house supplier add Php 12,000-24,000)
  • package rate is VAT inclusive
  • they have in-house bridal packages to choose from
  • Venue only: Php 75,000 Weekday | Php 85,000 Weekend

Light of Love Events 

  • 1163 Santol St. Quezon City
  • Contact:
  • 4-5 Hours Venue only
  • with and w/o* AC
  • no ceiling drapes
  • they have in-house bridal packages to choose from
  • VAT exclusive
  • Garden (for Ceremony only): Php 20,000
  • Integrity (100-150 cap): Php 56,050-73,250 Php 58,000-75,500 Php 84,000-104,000
  • Atrium (150-180 cap): Php 62,000-84,000 Php 64,000-86,250 Php 132,000-163,000
  • Love (100-150 cap): Php 50,000-66,550 Php 51,500-68,500  Php 76,000-94,000
  • Cherish* (150-20 cap): Php 46,750-62,000 Php 48,500-64,000 Php 127,000-157,000
  • Loyalty (200-280 cap): Php 89,420-117,200 Php 92,000-120,700 Php 152,000-158,000
  • Trust (250-400 cap): Php 112,030-146,300 Php 115,500-150,700 Php 202,000-250,000

Le Pavillon Metropolitan Park

  • 5 House Venue Only
  • with AC
  • VAT Inclusive
  • Half Venue (350 cap): Php 75,000 AM | Php 85,000 PM
  • Whole Venue (700 cap): Php 120,000
  • Whole Venue (1000 cap): Php 168,000

Mango Farm

  • King’s Court Subd., Antipolo City
  • VAT exclusive
  • Garden (200 cap): Php 74,900 ++
  • Glass Pavilion with Garden (250 cap): Php 83,500 ++

National Park Orchidarium

  • Luneta, Manila
  • Contact:
  • 6 Hours Venue only
  • no AC, outdoor venue
  • 10% caterer’s fee
  • Orchidarium: Php 20,000

Oasis Manila

  • 169 Aurora Blvd., San Juan, Manila
  • Contact:
  • 4-5 Hours Venue only
  • with AC and partial ceiling drapes
  • VAT exclusive
  • Orchard (200 cap): Php 55,000 AM | Php 60,000 PM
  • Verandah (350 cap): Php 75,000 AM | Php 85,000 PM
  • Pavilion Garden (500 cap): Php 75,000 AM | Php 90,000 PM

Palacio de Maynila

  • 1809-1813 M.H. Del Pilar St., Malate, Manila
  • Contact:
  • 6-12 Hours Venue Only
  • with AC
  • VAT inclusive
  • Main Tent 6 Hours (~350cap): Php 123,000 JAN-NOV | Php 134,000 DEC
  • Main Tent 12 Hours (~350cap): Php 134,000 JAN-NOV | Php 145,600 DEC
  • Anteroom 6 Hours (100cap): Php 22,400 JAN-NOV | Php 24,640 DEC

Plaza Ibarra

Rates not applicable for Casa Ibarra (MOA) and Villa Ibarra (Tagaytay)

  • Timog Ave., Quezon City
  • Contact: +632 922 6868
  • 4-5 Hours venue only
  • for January and December 2017: Php 60,000
  • for February to November 2017 (Fri, Sat only): Php 60,000
  • for February to November 2017 (Sun-Thurs only): Php 30,000
  • for January and December 2018: Php 70,000
  • for February to November 2018 (Fri, Sat only): Php 70,000
  • for February to November 2018 (Sun-Thurs only): Php 40,000
  • Venue + Caterer Standard for 150 cap: Php 137,000
  • Venue + Caterer Superior for 150 cap: Php 154,000
  • Venue + Caterer Deluxe for 150 cap: Php 171,000

The Blue Leaf Cosmopolitan

  • Quezon City
  • 5 Hours Venue + Caterer
  • (300 cap-1,000 cap): Php 95,000-320,000 ++

The Blue Leaf Filipinas

  • 5 Hours Venue + Caterer
  • Php 345,000 ++

Villa Milagros

  • Rodriguez, Rizal
  • Contact: +639176790109
  • 5 Hours Venue
  • Liamzon Hall for 20-40 cap: Php 55,000 – 65,000
  • Cristina’s Garden for 80-130 cap: Php 88,000 – 98,000
  • Delia’s Garden for 100-200 cap: Php 99,000 – 109,000
  • Hall of North Wing for 80-100 cap (with AC): Php 110,000 – 120,000
  • North Wing for 150-250 cap (with AC): Php 135,000 – 145,000


The Manila Hotel

The rates are net ++ inclusive of VAT and 1.23% charged by the hotel with basic styling and set menu.

  • Maynila Wedding Package (all function rooms available) for 150 pax: Php 454,996.30
  • Daffodil Menu Wedding Package (Centennial Hall only) for 150 pax: Php 366,760.39

**Tip!** We recommend checking Brideworthy website. I’m not connected with them but I found them by accident when I was browsing wedding venues before. They have tons of Event Venues with photos and info.


85 Comments Add yours

  1. Trina says:

    Hi, im a bride to be on april 2017 and just starting my search for a great but budget friendly wedding reception…. any place you can suggest for a 150pax…. I prefer hotel… its hard for us to find the venue as we are working abroad.. . Thank you

    1. Hi Trina. Congrats on your engagement. You didn’t specify where is your preferred church location and how much is your budget. Finding the suitable venue for your wedding reception should answer those factors to consider. It’s actually not difficult to find a venue even if you are both based abroad, it’s just a matter of making time to do research to find the right one. Hotels and Event Venues are usually of the same price and quality, it would just depend n your need, preference and how you envision your wedding. Hope it helps. 🙂

      1. Trina says:

        Your site really helps a lot.. If you dont mind where is the reception of your wedding and how much for us to have an idea?..we are planning for a manila based wedding.. All the suppliers you have posted are almost same with what we want.

  2. Thanks Trina. Our supplier’s list is posted in a separate thread “G&A Dream Team”. Unfortunately we don’t share our wedding budget and costs since it’s too personal. But we do, however, post the rates of the wedding suppliers that we encounter as our guide during our preps.

  3. Jm says:


    Can you give me a suggestion for 80 to 100 pax small intimate and elegant wedding venues for a wedding? Around Makati or QC I can do all inclusive with food 250K but lesser would be better.

    1. Hi Jm. If your budget is 250k with venue around QC, you can check Ibarra’s and see their website to know their updated rates. Hope it helps.

  4. tierawesome says:

    Hi! we are planning to get married next year December 2017, we are looking for an affordable with an elegant and good quality wedding package. Our decided place is in Quezon City only, can you give me a suggestion about that? and thank you for your blog it helps a lot.

    1. Hi tierawesome. Thanks for appreciating. Before I can recommend I would need to know your possible guest count, your venue preference (indoor, outdoor, garden or hotel), and your budget range. Just like the posts in the blog, you need to define these factors so it will be easier for you to check which would suit your needs. Happy preps!

  5. Achi says:

    Hi! I just want to ask if you know any events place/hotel here in QC or Tagaytay that could cater both ceremony and reception with less than 100K as a budget? Thank you!

    1. Hi achi. Is this for a christian wedding? Also, for the reception does it include caterer?

  6. Frances says:

    Any referral for a wedding package with a budget of 50-80k pesos only. Guests is from 60-100 pax only. Wedding would be at the church beside sm fairview or lagro church. We need simple , affordable and intimate wedding.
    Tentative wedding date: 3rd week of December 2017 or 1st week of January 2018.

    1. Hi Frances. You can check with Rommel Espera for all-in packages but I’m not sure if it’s within that range since your wedding is still set more than a year from now. You should also have to put in mind about price increase due to inflation.

  7. Almira Perez says:

    Do you have any recommendation for 150 k budget it is all in ….

    1. Hi Almira. I only know Rommel Espera but I cannot recommend them because we did not get an all-in package from them.

      1. tricia says:

        Hi… can you recommend a wedding musician for the ceremony only?…

      2. Hi tricia. You can check our separate post regarding Wedding Musicians. We posted our shortlisted supplier’s rates there. Good luck!

  8. Glaiza says:

    Hi. We are getting married this coming january. Max of 50 persons only. Simple wedding with our own Pastor po. Our budget will be only 30-40k hopefully with all in package (food/venue).
    Thank you in advance for any recommendation. We are from marikina. Any place near around quezon city will be ok po.

    1. Hi Glaiza. Congratulations on your engagement. Honestly I can’t think of any supplier who can do an all-in package for Christian ceremony within your budget even if you guest list is 50pax since as you know expensive na lately bilihin sa Pilipinas. Typically you can get a restaurant (caterer and venue to held your wedding) sa rate na yan though it can still differ. You can check Vikings, or Kowloon House sa Quezon Ave. But if super tight talaga, ask around sa clubhouses if you can rent the are for below 10k and have the 20K on food by getting a caterer from canteen and spend the 10k on the other materials like gown, etc. But really medyo hirap ako mag isip s budget range mo sis.

      1. Timothy james Ranosa says:

        Ako rin

      2. Garry & Aiki says:

        Hi Timothy. What do you mean by your comment?

  9. faithy says:

    I enjoyed exploring your website! Very informative and helpful. My fiance and I were planning to get wed this August 2017. The problem is that I work abroad. You know I can’t ask him to plan every detail for me (you know them). Our budget is around 200-250k for only 150 people and I want to know your opinion about the wedding venue near marikina and hopefully they will offer packages. Thanks!

    1. MG says:

      Hi girl I’m from Marikina too. there’s a lot of good venues here at Marikina like Kapitan Moy(very pinoy!)CVJ clubhouse (the food is really nice!) And for that budget it will be ok if you do it wisely.Goodluck!(MG)

      1. Thanks MG for sharing that info! 🙂

  10. rob says:

    hello po. salamat sa napaka informative na site. hingi lang po sana ako other suggestions sa hotel, sa ngayun po SOFITEL palang yung nakokonsider ko na medyo malapit sa San Agustin. Budget po sana lahat-lahat-na around 700 to 800k for 200 pax around 16 or 17 Dec 2017

    1. Hi Rob. You’re welcome. You mean Sofitel reception niyo and all? You can check Manila Hotel, dun kami ng preps.

      1. rob says:

        Yes ma’am. Sa Sofitel palang yung naisip ko earlier. I’m considering Manila Hotel as well after your suggestions. YUng budget po na 800K eh lahat lahat na sana? Di ko po alam kung kakasya kasi sa Hotel palang around 470k na pala. Dun din po ba kayo nag reception? Anu po yung preps? Preparation lang?

      2. Hi Rob. No idea if your 800k for overall wedding will be okay since you have to consider even the smallest thing. Typically ng babaloon talaga yan ng at least 30% so dapat may buffer ka espc you have a lot of guests. Also, consider mo din factor ng suppliers na kukunin niyo if low range ba, mid range or high range. Dun din mag lalaro rate ng wedding mo. If you have time, better scout for supplier rates na gusto niyo, list them all down with the buffer money. Then compare mo kung alin ang kaya niyo or not. I really can’t say na okay yung budget kasi honestly kayo ng fiance mo ang makakaalam ng true gastos niyo. Kasi kunwari she would want to have a wedding gown na more than 50k plus kayo pa sasagot ng gowns ng parents at buong entourage, siyempre that would add cost. Then wala pa damit mo. Things like that. Kaya I always advise to list down all your needs and priorities.. search for the suppliers that you want kasama yung rates nila and then compare. You can either get an all in package with the hotel or book your suppliers separately.

        No hindi kami dun ng reception since over sa budget and madami masyado restrictions. As for preps, dun kami ng preps meaning we checked in at the hotel for a couple of nights kung saan dun ginawa yung hair and makeup namin, kung saan kami ng palit ng damit, ng pictorial etc before we headed for the church ceremony.

  11. lyza kirstie says:

    hi pinaydiaspora, for 150 pax , saan po magandang wedding reception venue around manila?? yung kasama n po ung catering and all with 250k budget, would that be possible thank you

    1. Hi Lyza. If your 250k budget is only for venue and caterer for 150pax ok siya. If you say “all” ano yung expected inclusions mo? Kasi if around Manila typically the venues would have all-in packages around that range pero hindi pa kasama yung sa ceremony plus attires like gown, etc.

  12. chic says:

    Hello! do you have any recommended venue for reception around antipolo area (100 pax)? our planned church wedding will be on Parish of the Immaculate heart of mary, kaya na kaya yung 100-120k nai-all in dun sa reception? we don’t need a band/dj, just a playlist will do as we are really tight on budget since baka magkaron kami ng mga unexpected dagdag gastos pa sa preps ng wedding

  13. Liz says:

    Hi ma’am september debut for my daughter… any suggestion po for princess theme 130pax 70k all in

    1. Hi Liz. You can check our shortlisted suppliers for your daughter’s debut, but I’m not sure if the 70k is feasible unless you would have her gown made in Divi or have it RTW.

  14. Barbiee says:

    Hi, may alam po ba kayong wedding recep near malate church?

    1. Hi Barbiee. Majority of them are near Malate church. You can check Ibarras. That’s your best bet.

  15. Neena says:

    Hi. would you know the rates in The Orchidarium in Luneta for pre-nup photo shoot? Cannot find it anywhere, and no one’s answering through the phone numbers listed. thank you in advance.

    1. Hi Neena. I don’t have their prenup rate. You can however contact or email them directly.

  16. Percy Ramos says:

    Hi Ma’am. We are planning to have our wedding next year (2218) by August or September. Finding a venue is so hard especially when you are on a tight budget. We want the wedding ceremony and the reception to be held in one place only as I know, based on my research this would save us expenses. Asking if you can help and or recommend us or give us an idea? Our guests will be 100pax only. We want it to be simple but elegant as well.

    1. Hi Percy. Congrats on your engagement. Having the ceremony and reception in one place? Does this mean you’re going to have a Christian wedding? Anyway your venue would depend on your budget range, your preferred location (Manila is so big, if in case it’s going to be within the area), indoor or outdoor, etc.

      1. Percy Ramos says:

        Hi Ma’am. Thanks for the reply. Yes it will be a Christian Wedding. We are on eye to Light of Love and Casa Manila Patio. But just yesterday, we had a meeting with my parent’s bride and they wanted to do it on a Catholic Church Wedding but unfortunately, I have to undergo to the process of converting my religion to Catholic which has no problem to me at all. Do you have any idea/s po on how can I be converted to and how is the process for a Catholic Church Wedding? Thank you very much and more power! All the Best!

      2. Hi. Better inquire diretcly with your desired church where you want to get married or parish niyo (where you live) on how you can be converted from being a Christian to a Catholic. No idea ako about that legality. Good luck!

  17. Percy Ramos says:

    Thank you! Yeah it’s good luck for me Haha. Nyay! Need a lot of time and bags of patience. God Bless! Will post my adventure after the wedding here for the info of others.

  18. Mavs says:

    Hi! I’m still looking for a wedding venue on May 9 this year. I have all the caterer and other stuff. wedding venue lang ang kulang. I was thinking a clubhouse or a function hall. 17K budget or less around Quezon City. Apparently all those I checked need some sponsors. Do you know of any that might not need a sponsorship or someone that can sponsor?

    1. Hi Mavs. The only clubhouse I know that doesn’t need sponsorship is at Neopolitan Clubhouse at the back of SM Fairview. But try to double check again because maybe they already changed their rules. Have you checked Casa Milan Clubhouse also? It’s nearby Neopolitan. Try to check Loyola Grand Villas, Roxy Events as well. Good luck!

      1. mavs says:

        Thank you pinaydiaspora. Okay, will check those. A friend of mine recommended Royal Palm but it’s in Tgauig. It looks nice but might still look for other places near Quezon City. Thanks again! 🙂

  19. kellybiasong says:

    hello mmag papakasal napo kami ng girlfriend ko next year wantt ko sana ng hotel wedding budget is 100-130k Christian wedding po thanks any idea around manila na ok ang foood?

    1. Hi Kelly. Congrats on your engagement. Yung 100-130K budget mo for food lang ba? Ilan ba guests niyo? All in na ba ito sa hotel? Saan banda sa Manila? These are the questions you need to consider. I highly advise punta kayo sa bridal fairs kasi may mga free food tasting dun and check around for packages fit for your budget. Good luck.

  20. Good day po

    I would like to ask for a venue para sa reception po sana. Yung near cubao cathedral lang po. for reception na venue for 30k max na po ang budget for 4-5 hours. meron po kayo? hoping for your soonest response.

    1. Hi Legendaryadonis. You can try Portico at Tandang Sora around 35K and La Reve Events in South Triangle but that’s around 45K if I remember it right. Other than that I don’t have any idea. Kung ano lang yung nasa list yan lang yung na research namin.

  21. and for 100-150 pax po ang kaya iaccomodate ng venue. Many thanks po! 🙂

  22. micth says:

    hi looking for an affordable wedding venue in manila part for 200 pax 200- 300k budget with caterer and venue. thanks

    1. Hi micth. We are not a wedding supplier. Instead you can use the information in this post and in the blog to search for what you need. Also, it is best to directly inquire with the venues for their all-in packages which includes a caterer.

  23. Ana says:

    Hi! My name is Ana and am getting married in March 2019. Your blog has been so helpful lalo na my ideal wedding styling is like yours. I really like the aesthetic.
    I am also planning to book San Agustin early 2018 already. Would you mind sharing how much all in all you spend on La Castellana? Do you think it would save me money to book their package or just get the venue and hire a caterer and stylist? The styling Kasi is my priority talaga Kasi I work in Design! Also, do you have other venues na you would have considered if you didn’t choose la Castellana? My budget is 250k for the reception..

    1. Hi Ana. Thanks for the kind words 🙂 We’re happy to know that our own wedding preps journey has been helping yours as well. With regards to your question, we’re sorry but we don’t divulge our total peso power expenses here since we were able to get old rates way back 2014-2015 for our 2016 wedding, etc.

      With your 250k budget for reception, kasama na ba dito yung catering or yung venue and styling lang? For how many guests ba ang target niyo? If you have seen La Castellana’s rates, sa venue pa lang it would cost around 40% already sa 250K budget niyo, wala pa catering at event styling diyan. The key is to get a good and affordable event stylist who can really deliver. You can check here sa list namin but unfortunately I DO NOT RECOMMEND our event stylist because of what he did to us post-wedding and his attitude towards his clients.

  24. lhiz says:

    hi may i ask if which is better venue? fernwood or oasis? or anything you want to suggest that could suit to my 2 choices? thank you for 150pax in QC only 🙂

    1. Hi Lhiz. Both are good in their own ways. The decision will depend on your budget, accesibility, possible motiff and preference. Since we didn’t choose any of your choices, I cannot really recommend which is better between the two because I can’t speak from experience. Instead, I highly suggest for you to visit these venues by yourself to personally check it out, read real past client feedback on their experiences with them and the corresponding caterers that they partner with especially if you’ll be getting a venue + caterer option. I hope that helps!

  25. lhiz says:

    and can you give me some tryted and unexpensive suppliers? than you

    1. Hi Lhiz. Is your 400k all in budget only for the venue and caterer for 150pax, or for your whole wedding expenses including all the other suppliers and miscellaneous fees?

  26. lhiz says:

    also our all in budget is 400k thank you


    for November 2018
    Villa Ibarra at Tagaytay.If venue only for ceremony how much po cost?
    Thank you

    1. Hi Michelle. We only have rates of suppliers here in the blog. Better yet contact them directly na lang for the updates rates.

  28. Hi Michelle. Please check our post or better yet directly inquire with them. Happy preps 🙂

  29. Gladys says:

    Hi, do you have any catering service recommendations for a breakfast/brunch wedding? I’m thinking waffles, coffee, light breakfast, finger food and such. Thanks!

    1. Hi Gladys. You can check our list of Wedding Caterers here and when you inquire, inform them about your preference so they can customize a package for you. This post might also help when inquiring. Happy preps!

  30. J says:

    Hi, would like to know if we could get a venue for a wedding with a low budget around Makati or Taguig only?

    1. Garry & Aiki says:

      Hi J. It will depend on your budget. The question will be is how much are you willing to spend for your wedding venue? Costs vary depending on the number of your guests and the venue itself. You can have an idea about the venue rates in Manila area in our post above.

  31. Hi I would like to ask for quotation for a wedding venue for 50 pax

    1. Garry & Aiki says:

      Hi Elizabeth. We are not wedding coordinators. You can use the rates that you can find here in the blog to give you an idea. Happy preps!

  32. Jaz Bolanos says:

    Hi. I would like to ask for a quotation for our civil wedding. Approx budget 50K of less :). 30-50pax only.
    Hope to hear from you asap!

    1. Garry & Aiki says:

      Hi Jaz. We are not wedding suppliers, instead we are a couple like you who also got married and decided to publicly share all our wedding information details to help out other budgeted couples. Please re-read our introductory statement regarding the website found on the main page. Thanks and happy preps!

  33. olleb garbo says:

    Hi, My name is Olleb am here in Sydney. My fiancee and I are planning on getting married early in 2020 in the Philippines, QC or Paranaque area sana. Estimate guest is 100 to 120 pack. Overall Budget is 400K.
    Please do suggest a venue caterer and a weeding planner within the budget. Thanks in advance.

    1. Garry & Aiki says:

      Hi Olleb. We can only suggest the suppliers that we have worked with and you can check them here with reviews. You can directly inquire to know if they have existing promos that you can possibly avail that may fit your budget.

      Aside from that you can only check the rest of our shortlisted Caterers here and Wedding Coordinators here so you can have an idea for their possible rates.

      Also, you can try to check companies that offer All-In-Wedding packages though we cannot suggest any because we have not tried them personally and in this blog, we highly recommend to book suppliers separately (or DIY) to ensure higher quality output and budget allocation.

      We hope our suggestions would be helpful to your planning. Happy preps!

  34. rojanecruzz says:

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